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How Health Issues can Dismiss Your UAE Visa Renewal Request in 2021?

shallow focus photography of people inside of passenger plane“Common cold wouldn’t restrict you from going offshore but, more serious communicable diseases & other health anomalies that are harmful to you & others might”

Individuals planning to travel or reside in the UAE either on a visit visa or permanent residency must present a health certificate to clarify thus avoiding inadmissibility. That said; these health or medical issues are categorised per the nature of the anomaly to form a conclusive outcome should the applicant be allowed to enter the country post-treatment or barred permanently. Take for instance:

  • Communicable diseases that are of public health significance
  • Lack essential vaccinations and medication
  • Physical or psychological disorder that may hamper a person’s ability to communicate or perhaps trigger violent behaviour
  • Drug abuse or addiction

Other than the core facts as mentioned above, any individual who might come out clean on medical grounds may be rejected on the basis of various health issues. There’re however exceptions for admissibility other than drug abuse and addiction which surely result in rejection.

Yet another category of medical exam looks into serious diseases that may be permanent including disabilities. In rare cases, a person might be allowed safe passage across border, even come clear with the visa test but, the disease or disability is likely to interfere with productivity and self-care as well as may require extensive medical treatment.

Table of Content
1. Health-Related Inadmissibility – The Discovery Phase
2. A Brief on Medical Examination Process
3. Communicable Diseases (cholera, smallpox, plague, yellow fever, tuberculosis, leprosy)
4. Physical & Psychological Anomalies (a state in which a person becomes a threat to fellow humans and public property)
5. Drug Addiction & Abuse (History of drug addiction and/or abuse)
6. Vaccination(s) & Inadmissibility (influenza, measles, mumps and rubella)

Health-Related Inadmissibility – The Discovery Phase

Medical and/or health related inadmissibility is discovered mostly before the review panel during the interview session, via detail on the application form, the result of the medical examination, evidence of criminal and court-trial record so on. Other supporting documents that are submitted along with the visa application form as well as information shared during the interview and inspection may result in rejection; depending on predefined medical and health conditions.

A Brief on Medical Examination Process

During the Visa medical test Abu Dhabi, a screening panel at the Capital Health Screening Centre for instance would review the medical record, cycle of vaccination, chest X-Rays, laboratory tests (blood sample collection) and physical examination. For individuals applying from offshore countries to enter and find a settlement in any of the UAE emirates, detailed physical and medical examination at an authorised facility with the Department of Health certified physician is a must.

In case you’re already in the UAE and looking forward to permanent residency, health screening by a physician certified by Citizenship and Immigration Services in the UAE is mandatory. The conclusive report would be the summary of all the findings against which the decision of admission is taken by government authorities.

Communicable Diseases

With time, the list of communicable diseases that bar entrance in the UAE keeps growing due to various global and environmental factors whereas things worsened during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The list has various quarantine-able diseases like cholera, smallpox, plague, yellow fever, tuberculosis, leprosy, a novel or pandemic just as the recent COVID-19.

Diseases that have been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) are also included. Medical practitioners and physicians assigned to conduct the examination are likely to ask you about certain health anomalies or diseases based on your country of origin. The physician will take a detailed medical history, blood test, chest X-Ray for possible traces of contagious diseases.

Physical & Psychological Anomalies

To be physically or psychologically ill especially when the severity can trigger harmful or violent behaviour can surely bar your entrance in any country other than your own; including the UAE. That said, harmful or violent behaviour is defined as a state in which a person becomes a threat to fellow humans and public property. In extreme cases, a person can become a self-threat whereas all these facts lead to inadmissibility.

Post-treatment, even if a person poses no threat or shows evidence of harmlessness, the element of inadmissibility may remain due to possible relapse. Other than the cognitive disorder, substance/drug abuse and addiction that may trigger all such behaviour also lead to visa rejection.

Drug Addiction & Abuse

History of drug addiction and/or abuse is another reason for failing your visa test whereas the same holds for many other states. By drug abuse, it reflects intentional and overuse of a particular medication or product that contains alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and other such that enfeeble the mind. In easier terms, anything beyond non-medical uses of a controlled substance is considered drug abuse. The physician conducting the medical screening would also administer the drug test which will provide conclusive evidence on drug abuse.

Vaccination(s) & Inadmissibility

Applicants for residency visas require vaccination against certain diseases that have been identified by the government. Some of these are influenza, measles, mumps and rubella. Vaccination certificates are to be presented at the screening centre or to the physician. Internationally adopted children under the age of 10-years are also required to have proper vaccination with certificate as a proof.