How a Clean Home can Help Your Mental Wellbeing

Nowadays, people have become more and more conscious of their health. Moreso now that we are encouraged to practice thorough handwashing and cough etiquette.

However, we shouldn’t neglect our mental wellbeing either. Our physical and mental wellbeing affect each other, so you shouldn’t forget one when dealing with the other. This is where self-care could come in handy.

Mind you; it’s more than just doing your skincare routine, going to the spa, and so on. Even doing your household chores and maintaining a clean home can have a significant effect on your overall mental health.

That said, here are eight ways that a clean home can improve your mental state:

Relieves Your Stress

It is common for people who are experiencing bouts of depression and high-stress levels to neglect the cleanliness of their home. As the adage goes, your space reflects your state of mind.

Therefore, if you can’t manipulate your mind to change your environment, maybe you should change your setting to affect your mindset instead.

Think of cleaning your home as a way of showing that you respect yourself and that you know that you don’t deserve to live in a dirty and messy home. It can be difficult, but it sure beats being stressed in a messy house.

You can start by cleaning one part of your home. Say, your bedside table. This tip is very helpful when you know that you need to clean your house, but you don’t feel like doing it.

Here’s the thing: If you’re stressed, returning to a cluttered and dirty home will not make you feel any better.

Increases Your Productivity

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home, which proves to be a challenge in terms of productivity and concentration.

Since there are many distractions that you can’t control at home, it’s a lot more challenging to be productive. However, you can do a few things that will improve your overall productivity, even when you work from home.

According to Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago, if you take the time to clean your work area, you’re going to have an easier time focusing on work. If there are too many clutter in your workspace, your mind can attach to the clutter and distract you.

Having a decluttered workspace is going to free your mind of distraction. Therefore, you should make sure that you get rid of any items on your workspace before you start working.

Lets You to be Active

Cleaning your home isn’t only a household chore that you need to cross off your to-do list. It also helps your body get up and moving.

If you live a mainly sedentary lifestyle, you likely don’t exercise as much as you should. You probably aren’t motivated by the idea of going to the gym to work out, either. Cleaning your house, on the other hand, won’t seem like a workout since you’re considering it as a chore.

It’s may not be a massive calorie-burning activity in comparison to a full workout session at the gym, but it’s definitely enough to get sedentary people going.

Since many more people can’t go outside to do their exercises, they can spend that time going around the house and tidying up and getting a bit of exercise.

Improves Quality of Sleep

A lot of people aren’t sleeping as well as they could be. According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), a third of adult Americans don’t get enough sleep.

Adults should have at least seven hours of sleep a night to function well. However, not everyone can achieve this, which might be affecting their physical and mental wellbeing.

With that said, another study indicated that a clean bedroom helps improve your quality of sleep. And having a quality sleep will make you happier, and you’ll be able to focus more.

Therefore, if you want to improve your sleep quality, you might want to fluff up your pillows, wash your sheets more often, and tidy up the bedroom before hitting the hay.

Improves Your Eating Habit

Surrounding yourself in a cluttered environment is going to influence yourself in ways you wouldn’t realize.

For example, did you know that a clean house helps you make healthier choices for yourself? A study showed that if you’re in a disorganized home, you tend to make poor eating choices.

Therefore, if you’re watching what you eat, then maybe you should clean your house as well.

Makes Your Healthier

Dirt and dust hide germs and bacteria that can get you sick, which nobody ever wants, especially now.

If you’re going to reduce the number of times you get sick, then cleaning your home frequently is the key.

Cultivates Better Relationships

People with cluttered homes often have a harder time inviting people to their houses because they don’t want other people to see its state.

So instead of depriving yourself of social interaction because your home is dirty, you should just do yourself a favor and clean your house.

Aside from that, a cluttered home can bring turmoil between people living together. If you want to cultivate better relationships between the people you live with, then practice cleaning habits to keep the peace at home.

Benefits Your Body and Mind

As mentioned before, the cleanliness of your home can help you make healthier decisions for yourself. On that note, a study showed that people who have cleaner homes tend to be more active and healthy.

If you want to influence yourself subtly into leading a healthier life, start by fostering the right type of environment.


Your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical state. Thus, you should make sure that you actively look for ways to improve it, such as keeping your home clean.

Cleaning your home might not seem like it’s going to help you improve your mental state, but it has a significant impact on it. From relieving your stress and improving your sleep to cultivating better relationships.

Therefore, don’t be negligent and maintain the cleanliness of your home as much as possible.