How Do You Market a Cannabusiness?

The legalization of industrialized hemp and the use of CBD in the United States has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to open a small business. A strong marketing plan is essential to the success of any small business. Cannabis entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges when developing a market strategy.

What to avoid saying in CBD marketing.


By law, cannabidiol can only contain THC levels of 0.3 percent or less, which means users won’t experience a psychoactive effect. Cannabidiol has grown in popularity for its therapeutic health benefits, such as help with insomnia, help with inflammation, pain relief from arthritis, and chronic pain. Your marketing efforts must never make any health or medical claims. The FDA doesn’t regulate cannabis products, which means it doesn’t approve CBD for medical use. It should always be made clear to consumers that CBD isn’t a replacement for prescription drugs or medical treatment.

Every statement you make about your products, including customer reviews, social media posts, and marketing efforts must be supported by reputable sources and citations. You must be able to provide a third-party lab test result on each of your products. All CBD products must be legally compliant, especially with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act).

Use influencer marketing.


A strong marketing plan consists of as many applicable marketing tactics as possible. Running a diverse marketing campaign gives your small business a better chance of attracting your target customer and improving sales. An effective way to market CBD is to use influencer marketing. Consumers are increasingly turning to influencers to discover the latest and greatest products on the market today. You must ensure that influencers are compensated according to FTC guidelines and that they openly disclose their affiliation with your brand in all promotions.

Setting up a grow space to grow your own cannabis requires the right cannabis seeds or clones to begin growing. There are two main sources for marijuana seeds—dispensaries, and online retailers or breeders. There are hundreds of different CBD strains that you can grow, and these range in quality, price, and potency. Sativa strains grow taller and take longer to flower than Indica-dominant strains. You’ll also need to consider if you want to grow regular, feminized, or autoflower seeds. Only female cannabis plants produce buds that can be cultivated for use.

When it comes to finding the best strain for your grow room, Bloom&Oil offers their choices for the best cannabis seeds. The reputable source evaluates seed companies based on locations, delivery zones, shipping options, and payment options, as well as flavor, germination, and strain potency. Some of their top picks include Royal Queen Seeds, Seedsman, Barney’s Farm, and MSNL.

Focus on SEO.


Another effective way to market your canna-business is to focus on search engine optimization. The best way to ramp up your SEO efforts is to work with an SEO expert. Not only will you save time and money by hiring someone with the right expertise, but you’ll avoid breaking any CBD marketing regulations. You have to be cautious of the SEO keywords and phrases you include in your marketing efforts to ensure they don’t make any health or disease claims.

Sometimes the best way to improve your marketing efforts is to hire a professional marketing coach to mentor your marketing team. Chief Outsiders is the leading fractional CMO firm in the United States with years of experience providing reliable marketing coaching services. Personalized coaching sessions can help your team discover new ways to more effectively align your marketing strategies and tactics with your business goals. An outside perspective gives you greater clarity and helps you see the big picture.

Utilize email marketing.


Email marketing is also an effective way to market your canna-business. It’s an efficient way to attract all manner of customers, and improve customer relationships and retention. You can send out special offers and discount coupons to customers, as well as keep them informed about your latest products.

When marketing your canna business, you must ensure all of your marketing efforts align with federal regulations. Never make any medical claims about CBD products and always be clear that it’s not intended for medical use.