How to Choose the Perfect Clothing According to Your Body Type

What are the different body types?

Don’t forget: no body type is better or worse than another one. Every body type is different. Some are even somewhere in between two body types! Let’s work on helping you choose exactly what should be in your wardrobe for you to stand out.

How can you tell which body type you are? It mostly depends on the proportion of your shoulders to your hips. Body types don’t depend on size, but shape.

The pear or triangle shape happens when the shoulders are narrower than the hips.

The apple or inverted triangle shape happens when the hips are narrower than the shoulders.

The hourglass shape happens when the waist is narrow, and the shoulders and hips are generally the same width and both significantly wider than the waist.

The athletic or rectangular shape happens when the shoulders and hips are generally the same width, but not significantly wider than the waist.

How can you choose clothing according to your body type?

The pear or triangle shape

With this shape, your shoulders are narrower than your hips. You can approach this in two ways: emphasize your hips, or look at how to broaden how your shoulders look.

To emphasize your hips, you can go for form-fitting pants that emphasize your curves. Even skinny jeans would work. Wide-legged pants and A-line skirts or dresses, if you wear form-fitting tops, also help emphasize your hips.

If you would rather go for a balanced, hourglass look, focus on choosing the right tops. Tops with ruffles or patterns broaden the shoulders. You can also use looser tops if you’re pairing them with skinny jeans. Crop tops also look broad, as do v-neck, scoop, or boat-neck tops even if they are form-fitting. Your shoulders look broader, and your body balances out.

The apple or inverted triangle shape

With this shape, your shoulders are considerably broader than your hips. Again, you can either emphasize your shoulders, or balance the look out by adding definition to your hip line.

To emphasize your shoulders and arms, try not to layer your tops too much. Single-layer, non-patterned or non-ruffled tops will emphasize your shape through the clean lines of the “inverted triangle.” You can pair them with skinny jeans to emphasize that shape.

To balance out the look, focus on “narrowing” your shoulders. Wide v-necks do the job nicely, because they show more of your neckline and make your shoulders look thinner, especially if they are form-fitting. Straight-cut jeans and wide-skirt dresses all emphasize the hip line and make the shoulders seem narrower.

The hourglass shape

While the hourglass shape is idealized, it can also be difficult to dress with. If you don’t choose the right clothes, the balanced proportion of the shoulders and hips might cause your curves to disappear.

If you’re picking a dress, make sure it’s made to wrap around and follow your curves. if it hangs straight, your waist and hips will disappear. The same goes with your tops. Pick tops that cinch at the waist. However, make sure to also find the best fitting bra for you, since a lot of your tops will be form fitting. If your bra doesn’t fit you well, it might be uncomfortable or your top might not look the way you want it to.

Belts are your best friend. If you have straighter-cut dresses or long tops, wide belts are perfect to show off your waistline. A-line dresses and skirts also emphasize your hips, and anything body-hugging, from dresses to jeans to tops, are definitely your thing. Get creative with your body type!

The athletic or rectangular shape

With this shape, the shoulders and hips are the same width, but the torso is also broad and does not taper at the waist. Dressed correctly, this is also one of the most elegant body types.

Accessorize with intention. Large or heavy necklaces call attention to the shoulders and broaden them. Belts cinched at the waist hint at curves. Flowing, longer tops also hint at curves. Layered tops and straight-cut or wider jeans and skirts will also help give the concept of an hourglass shape.

When it comes to dresses or long gowns, the rectangular shape can pull off draping or wrap dresses. Your shape is perfect to drape material on because the material will fold and wrap naturally on your frame. The best thing about this shape is that if you want to dress to impress, you can do it with a minimum of effort but all the styles in the world.

Are you ready to dress up?

It might feel like such a relief, understanding why you’ve been having trouble dressing yourself. It’s true, sometimes current trends aren’t the best for your body type. But if you know how to dress yourself, and most importantly how to accessorize, then you can confidently adapt the trends for your own body type.