How to write a piano song

When it comes to piano practice, we all know that the free piano sheets are the most common thing that help us in the long way. There are for anyone, starting with the beginners and ending with the advanced players. Checkout for a complete collection of free piano sheet music.  Or check this other free sheet music for piano site.

In some point in the piano player life, each one of us has thought about writing our own piano song.

Considering that this will be the first song you will write, the first step is to decide at least what the song will be about. Next step is to pick a scale. It is important to choose scales that you enjoy playing and that you are comfortable with. It is all up to you at this point, but let’s say that for beginner the easiest would be C major.

Then pick three basic notes, for examples I, IV and V, which for C major scale they will be C, F and G. They are the most used notes in very popular song. It is no doubt that they are often used, because they sound really good as a progression.

Now that you know the main things, you have to play. Start by playing keys with four beats on each chord. Then you can change the orders. Listen close and at some point you will find the right sound. What you have to do at this step is to play progressions and eventually pick the favorite one. The chord progression will be responsible for the rhythm of the song, so play carefully.

For a better result keep in your mind the idea of what you are singing about. Keep picturing the idea in your head and you will see that your inspiration will make you achieve great results.

If at some point you chose a specific progression, it will be awesome if you wrote it down. That will help you even for the next step, where you can add lyrics for your song. And well it is very good for you to put on the paper everything that comes in your mind, from changes of chords to every word or line that crosses your mind in that moment. All those little thing that might seem unimportant will be very useful at the end of all the work.

The bridge of the song is an important part, as it could not be at all. You are the composer so you decide if you want the song to have a bridge or not. For the bridge you can choose other keys or you can only change the progression. What is recommended is to hit high notes at the end of it, maybe you have already noticed that things in other piano tabs.

Another thing that could be added is an intro. Again I will tell you that not all the songs have an intro, but if you feel like wanting one, it is welcome. Keep in mind that is should be short.

Now put it all together and play. You have your own piano song and it was not as hard as you thought, isn’t it?

It is important to make your own music and practice new piano songs alongside with the new piano sheet music, because in this way your piano skills will improve even more.

If you progress to the point where you wish your music to be heard, you will want to market yourself through social media.  Unless you are familiar with which blogs to use and how to be successful at it, you may want to consider a music blog submission service.  This will avoid a lot of time wasted in doing the wrong things or getting yourself banned from blogs.