Is Bitcoin on another run up?

At the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency exploded the public with its appearance on the international financial market, which caused a lot of change.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is growing rapidly in price again. Five days ago, Bitcoin broke the $ 9,400 mark – and now a new $ 11,000 mark was taken, and the cryptocurrency went up by $ 1,000 in just the last day. This follows from the CoinDesk and CoinMarketCap exchanges.

The fact that bitcoin grown in price is visible with the naked eye – just look at the chart for the year. There was no such price since last year. Of course, not only Bitcoin has risen in price and boasts with its increasing profits.

The third-largest currency Ethereum (ETH) also shows the price of last August and is $ 305. Since the beginning of April, this cryptocurrency has grown by 116%. The diagram of these cryptocurrencies shows not so rapid price growth. Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) also have a tangible rise in price.

Also, the TOP 10 rating of cryptocurrencies contains #MetaHash which is one of the most active Blockchain system. Quite recently it entered the TOP 30 list by Productivity rank what can positively affect the world rating and users’ attitude to #MetahashCoin.

The aforementioned cryptocurrencies currently occupy top positions in the rating and their total capital is $ 277.61 billion.

All the same, when searching for some relevant information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, all indicate that the interest of people before this in 2017 was much higher, so many skeptics say that now a variety of small investors are fond of cryptocurrencies and thus they increase the price. Unlike the large rise in the crypt of currencies in 2017, when they were not so steady, now users are more knowledgeable and trust in such a match of events more.

Bakkt and Fidelity Investments, one of the largest asset managers in the world, assure those who are best placed to take advantage of their assets, which is currently justifying raising the price of cryptocurrencies.

Non-financial sector companies are not lagging. Facebook is preparing the Libra project, whose goal will be to create an online payment system based on the blockchain. More recently, it became known that large chain stores (Crate and Barrel, Nordstrom and Whole Foods) have joined together in a partnership in which they agreed to accept Bitcoin as a mean of payment.

The whole spring the cryptocurrency is accompanied by a rather positive information background associated with the increasingly active introduction of these tools into the global financial and payment system. Improving conjuncture spurred “bulls”, playing on the strengthening of Bitcoin.

A lot of specialists and critics expect that the investors will begin to massively buy the assets because of fear of not having time to get rich on its growth and Bitcoin can rise in price to 40 thousand dollars in five months.

Opinions about what will happen with the course of Bitcoin in the future, as before, diverge. The so-called crypto-optimists expect a sharp jump, while pessimists continue to speak of the new currency is an unpredictable bubble that can burst at any moment.

It is possible to earn on Bitcoin races, but there is also a chance of losing savings. For example, the “coin” reached its maximum in December 2017. Then the cryptocurrency was sold for $ 20 thousand. And for those who gained money at the peak of their popularity, the existing growth does not even compensate for the losses.

The experts also concur that this is just the beginning of a new bitcoin boom. They predict that prices will continue to grow. Analysts of the investment company Canaccord Genuity believe that by 2021, bitcoin will rise in price to 20 thousand dollars, that is, more than double from today’s values.