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A Lathering Machine that Makes your Home Feel Like a Spa

man in black hat and plaid shirtImagine shaving every morning before work without having to bother with those tiny foam cans and gross lather. Say goodbye to those bulky cans of shaving cream you have in your shower. No need for underwater razors or clipper blades.

Just pick up this hot lather machine that is sure to make your entire home feel like a spa. This is one gift they won’t expect and will want to show off to all their friends.

Designed to look like a professional model barber-quality lather machine, this is NOT an aftermarket upgrade. It was designed for the professional barbershop to enhance their customer’s experience, and to help them work smoothly every time.

Hot lather is back, and it’s better than ever!

Our main goal with this project is to bring back the traditional feel of using a brush and mug. We wanted the ability to use it as a matter of daily hygiene or to add a quick touch-up when you need it.

This is a new take on an old concept. Instead of spending $1000 per chair on a lather machine for every barber chair in their shop, we are trying to provide a solution specifically catered to the everyday men laying down with traditional shaving or even straight razor shaving.

Our new lathering machine is developed from the ground up for complete luxury at your home. It is the first of its kind, and it’s breaking fresh grounds.

So how does it work?

This old-timey product was first used in barbershops back in the 16th century and it still works great today. All you need is hot water, a bit of shaving cream, and a little time, and you’ll have hot lather for your shave at home. It feels just like going to the barbershop, except you won’t need to!

It’s a thoughtful and innovative upgrade from the one your dad used; it produces hot lather instead of using another blade on your razor. Its design is luxurious, with an old-timey handle and stainless-steel accents that look great in any bathroom.

This product comes with a temperature setting and a completely adjustable lather amount; you will have complete control over how much soap is used.

This product uses steam heat from hot water and activated shaving cream to provide you with a close shave and superior comfort that doesn’t come close to what you can find anywhere else. Keep in mind that our shaving cream is real quality European shaving cream and thus comes in small containers and not always perfectly spherical.

Get the barbershop treatment at home!

Great for athletes, golfers, families, women, college students – anyone that wants a close shave or full body treatment, and has shampooed their hair for you at a salon before. It’s also an ideal gift for groomers, stylists, and barbers.

It combines all the benefits of a professional shave–the blistering hot towel, the fragrant hot lather, and a perfectly designed shave brush–with the ease and simplicity of an at-home shave setting that you can be proud to display in your bathroom.

Whatever it is that makes old-fashioned hot lather feel good while you shave, our Hot Lather Machine has it. This simple tool turns any shaving cream into hot lather just like your barber would do before shaving.

Finding time for a shave is a challenge in today’s mad, mad world. So turn to this lathering machine to make your morning routine into something special. You’ll get to enjoy not only your favorite shave cream but hot lather too.

Pick up yours today and make shaving something that’s even more enjoyable.

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