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Make more money with these 5 tech side hustles

man holding black smartphone with flat screen monitor in frontDo you have a keen eye for technology? Are you on top of the latest innovations and love nothing better than getting hold and mastering the latest gadgets, apps, and disruptive developments?

If this sounds like you and you’re looking to make a little money on the side, join the 1.1 million people across the UK with a side hustle. To help you decide how best to focus your efforts, we’ve brought together five fantastic side jobs perfectly suited to your passion for tech.

Graphic design

If you’re a dab hand with photoshop or any other image manipulation software, doing freelance graphic design on the side might be your forte. This hustle involves creating logos, branding, social media assets, and other visual content for clients. All you need is a portfolio to show off your skills, and the drive to get out there and pitch your services to would-be customers.

Forex trading

Trading currencies on the forex markets can be a fair way to make some change if you have a laissez faire attitude to risk and a bit of money you wouldn’t miss. By visiting an online forex broker, you can make trades on worldwide currencies, buying one currency and selling it when its value increases. Here, you need the ability to use market analysis software and an understanding of how currency markets operate.


If you are interested in a certain niche topic, can write, and are happy tinkering with a WordPress site, try blogging. It can be a brilliant way of learning about your passion, sharing your knowledge with others, and making some money while you’re at it.

With a blog, you run your own website, writing, editing, and uploading articles on your chosen topic. Once you have a decent following, you can monetise your blog, accepting cash to upload sponsored posts, or running ads on your website to generate income.

Stock trading

A good side hustle for those that understand the stock market or avidly track the fortunes of companies, stock trading involves investing in stocks and selling them for a profit.

A potentially risky side hustle, it should only be done by those with a loose approach to risk and money to lose. However, if you have a good understanding of analysis tools like Stockopedia or NinjaTrader, it can be a potentially significant earner.

Social media management

Love nothing more than scrolling through Insta, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? If you find yourself critiquing the posts you encounter while roaming social, can write, and are organised, then social media management could be for you.

It involves creating social media posts for businesses with the aim of promoting the business, growing its social media following, and increasing business revenue as a result. All you need is a creative brain, a word processor, and the ability to put yourself our there in front of business owners.

What tech side hustles take your fancy? Do you know of any other great examples? Be creative!