Make Your Woman Want To Stay By Treating Her Right

woman on bike reaching for man's hand behind her also on bikeIf you want your wife or girlfriend to commit to you for the long haul, you should treat her in ways that make her desire to be with you. Most guys do not have a clue how to go about this, and learning the secrets to this takes time. However, you can learn what it takes to treat her right and make it part of your love language. For dating etiquette take a look at escort classifieds and arrange a great date.

For starters, you should understand that every lady is different. Moreover, every girl wants different things. But most of them share the same desires and expectations regarding how they expect their men to treat them.

1: Be Honest With Her

Honesty is an essential component of any relationship. It should be the first thing to have in place when trying to treat your girl right. Lies tend to birth more lies, and sooner than later, it all catches up with you and will make her feel unappreciated or valued. Girls hate being with liars. Therefore, be honest about how you feel about everything – the likes and dislikes about her or where you believe the relationship is headed.

2: Listen To Her

Learn to listen, to be absolutely attentive to what she says. Keep in mind that sometimes she may not utter a word but expects you to hear her clearly through her actions. Fortunately, women are naturally verbally expressive. Therefore, listen to what she says she wants because it reveals all you need to know about treating her right. In short, you should be the better listener in the relationship.

3: Trust Her

All meaningful relationships are founded on both parties being trustworthy. Women can tell when their men seem not to trust them, but men score poorly in the same. Moreover, women hate it when their significant others do not trust them. Unless you have a reason why you cannot trust your girl, strive to show her that you do, and it will make her want to stick around.

4: Stop Keeping Secrets From Her

Everyone has some things that they want to stay secret or private. However, avoid hiding important stuff from her. For instance, find the courage to tell her of that ugly past that you are not happy about instead of waiting until she finds out about it from other people. Keeping secrets or withholding some issues from her will ultimately make her not trust you and want to leave.

5: Show Your Appreciation Regularly

Men tend to downplay the significance of show their ladies how much they appreciate them, thinking that once was enough. However, couples need to remind each other why they chose to stay together. Let her know why she is the special one and why you picked her over every other woman. Doing this is a vital part of treating your girl right.

6: Communicate With Her Openly

Girls like to talk (are verbally expressive), but men are less of this; however, you should make an effort to communicate more with her if you want her to stick around. Maintain an open line of communication and be transparent.

7: Take Care Of Your Responsibilities

While meeting your responsibilities might not seem to have any direct implications in treating your women right, it actually does. If your house is always a mess, it signifies how you handle your life. It will make her feel as though she will have to fix things for you, including your life, which is unfair to her. Pretty soon, she will start resenting you.

8: Take Note Of Her Attitude

Your girl’s attitude correlated with how she feels you are treating her. For instance, if she is less conversational and seems cross, it might be that she had a rough day. Learn how to detect these little clues so that you can adjust how you treat her to make her feel happier.

9: Be Respectful Of All That Has To Do With Her

In short, you should respect her, her family and friends, life, and exes. Showing that you are a respectful man is something women find admirable. It will also make her feel that you value her.

10: Support Her

While this does not imply that you must do everything she wants, you should show her that she can depend on you. The goal is to try and bring out the best in her and for her to reciprocate. You can do this by letting her know you support her dreams and life aspirations.

11: Be A Romantic, Now And Then

Many girls are suckers for romance. Being romantic is one of the cornerstones of what it takes to treat your woman right and make her want to stay. You can score in this area by doing simple things like take her out for a surprise dinner, occasionally buying her a gift, or going somewhere she has longed to visit.

12: Be Intimate With Her

Intimacy has to do with more than sex, even though satisfying her in that department is essential. However, thinking of intimacy is best done by understanding her emotionally because intimacy is more of an emotional thing for women. Therefore, be more open to her instead of bottling up your feelings and desires for her. Show her that you also have an emotional side, and it will draw her in more.

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