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Modern web design style

From above of crop anonymous person with cup of black coffee using laptop while sitting at table with opened notebook in daylightIT specialists are in demand in any field. Along with information technology, business is also developing. We decided to talk about what styles of web design are relevant at the moment.

Web Design Trends in 2022

According to the studio in web design every year something new is demonstrated, new technologies are introduced and new solutions are used. We closely follow all web design trends. In this article, we will talk about the top seven trends that are relevant in 2022.

  • Classic. Strict, neat with a systematic location, extremely clear navigation style. Elements are located in their places, where the client is used to seeing them. The menu is located on the top or side, left. Simple, neutral solutions are applied. No pretentious fonts. Standard-sized headings and simple, clear blocks of text are used. Such design is welcomed in those companies that do not pursue the goal of standing out among competitors.
  • Minimalism. A distinctive feature of this style is no unnecessary details. A simple modular grid is used. Photos placed in the correct chain, which the user monitors, “lead” him in a given direction. No unnecessary details, only space and emptiness. Applying this style, you can achieve aesthetic, functional and convenient information to the visitor. When designing the site, monochrome colors are most often used.
  • Hand-drawn style. The site in this design looks as if drawn with a simple pencil. This is quite an interesting and unusual solution. In the art of proper design of the site, sketches of drawings are used. Fonts, banners — in one hand-drawn style. Such sites carry information in the form of simple sketches, with a variety of color solutions. Most often, this style is used if the company is engaged in creativity.
  • Realism. The purpose of this style is to depict objects that look like the real thing. A play of light and shadow is used. This design is guaranteed to arouse interest. The guest of such a site does not need to consider individual elements, because everything that is needed is highlighted by the designer. This style is widely used in a wide variety of areas. It is extremely clear and recognizable to those who first joined the Internet since the 2000s.
  • Flat design. The basic principle is not to place anything superfluous, but only simple, two-dimensional illustrations. The use of one color in different tones and halftones, clear typography are features of flat web design. Classic, generally accepted fonts, typically highlighted headings are used. Flat design is suitable for websites of all industries. It is used by reputable companies, such a design is present on business card sites. Most often, this design is used for the site of mobile applications.
  • Natural style. Within the framework of aesthetics, a web designer applies motives that direct the user to nature. Textures with nature, trees, water are used. There are graphic elements in the form of different landscapes. In this style, the visual component is given the main place, the informational one performs an additional function. Fonts are used absolutely any, most often of a non-standard appearance. The user is given answers to the questions posed.
  • Retro style. The artistic design in this case contains pictures, photographs from the past. There may be an interior, antique appliances, massive furniture. The designer uses muted, pastel colors, adds abrasion effects. Monograms can be placed. On such a site there is typography with serif fonts, or text that has just come out of the typewriter. Retro shops design their websites in this style, artists and photographers love it.

Web design trends have an important and only function – to attract the user’s attention, interact with the visitor through visualization and provide him with all the necessary information for which he came to the site.