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Moving Forward: Looking Beyond CBD For Wellness And Care

person holding dropperWithin a few years, CBD (one of the primary cannabinoids) went from being a fad to a healthcare necessity that swept the world for many reasons. You can practically find CBD everywhere from workout clothing, hamburgers, ice cream, and the list goes on. Its multitude of benefits like pain reliever, managing insomnia, anxiety, and other conditions made it possible for its rapid adoption.

But did you know the “herb” cannabis consists of more than 500 molecules? Out of which, around 140 are cannabinoids that work directly with the endocannabinoid system. Yes, you heard it right! There is more to cannabis besides THC and CBD alone.

In this post, we’ll talk about a few cannabinoids growing in popularity in the last few years. Let’s get going!

CBG/ Cannabigerol

It is yet another non-intoxicating cannabinoid that offers a reduction in anxiety, pain, infection, nausea, and inflammation. Some studies even confirm its role in the treatment of cancer. Various preliminary research results indicate that it helps to reduce inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease.

Further, it shows potent antimicrobial action against different microbes. And guess what, it includes drug-resistant MRSA as well. A few research studies show its role as an appetite stimulant.

CBN/ Cannabinol

This is usually present in small amounts in cannabis. If you have marijuana sitting around for a long time, it will have higher CBN concentrations. It is widely known for its sleep-inducing or sedative properties. Like CBG, it also offers appetite stimulants and anti-inflammatory action. A study suggested that CBN could be helpful for symptomatic relief in people with ADHD.

Are there more known to the world as of yet?

Besides these two, you can find THCA, Delta-8 THC as well. However, because of their intoxicating nature, many users usually avoid these cannabinoids.

This is why manufacturers use the other cannabinoids and develop new formations like cannabinoid drops, full-spectrum CBD products, and broad-spectrum CBD products. The hype around such products is because of their non-intoxicating nature. So, when you buy cbd online, make sure to opt for such combinations to get the best out of it. Why? Since, when together, they result in an “entourage effect” that accentuates the positive effects even more.

Wrapping Up

Since the acceptance of CBD and its related products are growing, the need for scientific intervention is becoming more prevalent. By doing so, scientists can truly understand its processes and how everyone can extract the positive benefits. That’s the only way to improve human health.

Until then, the consumers must make sure to purchase CBD products from a reliable vendor online to avoid low-grade products. Experts suggest never to buy products that don’t have any third-party testing lab results. The authenticity of the product is more important if you wish to use it to improve the quality of your life.

You can also opt for hemp products to avoid any legalities around possession or other related measures.

So, tell us, what is your favorite CBD product? Do you like CBD isolates, or is the combination of cannabinoids helping you better?