Moving from Nashville To Atlanta: Relocation Guide

Nashville and Atlanta are among the largest cities in America. Both cities are developing surprisingly rapidly and the population numbers are increasing year on year.

Before you move from Nashville to Atlanta let’s take a look at what wonderful sights and sounds are out there waiting to be discovered in this fantastic Georgia city. If you are concerned with employment and educational prospects then worry no longer. As a major developing city there are more options than you will be able to count. Atlanta after all is the home of many top fortune 500 companies. But like all big sprawling cities, do check around to find the best schools as not all are equally good.

Let’s take a moment to compare Atlanta with Nashville – “the home of country music” according to and see what opportunities are available for fans of music and art.

Firstly Atlanta will not disappoint connoisseurs of beauty and will provide them with plenty of opportunities to have a great time. If you love classical directions of music art, you can visit the Atlanta Opera to enjoy the breathtaking performances. You will never be bored; there are new productions each season as well as renditions of old classics by guest artists. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra also regularly offers its viewers an interesting concert program.


From October to May each year, fans will be able to enjoy the dizzying ballet steps and pirouettes of the Atlanta Ballet. By the way, if you wish to become a ballet dancer as a profession, you should know that the Atlanta Ballet company offers educational courses at the Centre for Dance Education. It is never too late to fulfill a dream!

As for music well, the city has left an indelible mark in the history of country music. Atlanta was once the center of country music. Back in the 1920’s it was the’ place to be. In the 60’s pop music made major breakthroughs and international festivals sprung into life. In more recent times Atlanta has become the home of new musical trends in Rock and Punk rock music, and in the 90’s fans of hip-hop music loudly and clearly expressed themselves in concerts and on the streets. Many concerts by famous groups and upcoming singers are held here in Atlanta with perhaps the most popular venue being the Lakewood Amphitheatre concert hall. So it is safe to say that with such a variety of musical styles there is something already here waiting for you.

If you decide that moving from Nashville to Atlanta is for you then there is some good news waiting for you. To start with, the first good news is about the financial question. More specifically the cost of relocation. “Due to the fact that these cities are fairly close to each other – only 248 miles by road – the services costs for transporting clothing, decor, furniture and even animals, are relatively small”, – says Adam, moving manager at “More than just that, the managers of moving companies will try to find the best route for you and the most affordable price. Also keep an eye out for our discounts and special offers.”

The second bit of good news is that you have a choice between several types of good transport to quickly move your belongings. The price differences will, as always, depend on the manner in which you choose to relocate your belongings from Nashville to Atlanta. But what choice do I have? And what is the best way to go about it, you ask? Well it all depends on how many things you wish to transport. If the volume of your goods is quite large, like most household moves are, then it is best to get them to Atlanta by truck. This is the most cost effective method with regards to how much you can more per dollar. No matter how many things you want to take with you to your new place of residence, movers will find a vehicle suitable for the task. Professionals have an array of machinery of all different sizes and different capacities so you only need to worry about what you want to take with you to make your new life in Atlanta as good as it can be.

The transportation time will be approximately 4 hours not including time for loading and unloading. So if our movers arrive at your home or apartment first thing in the morning, then by lunchtime you will already be deciding where exactly you would like to put your furniture in your new house in Atlanta.

If you don’t plan to move a lot of items then it is worth considering the possibility of transporting them by plane. The quickest flight from Nashville to Atlanta takes a little more than one hour. Don’t forget to add registration time, and allow for aircraft unloading and baggage claim but either way you cut it, it is very convenient. However, it should be noted that during transportation by aircraft our specialist’s interaction with your belongings is limited to checking the packaging and shipping the items to the airport. During the flight luggage will be in the custody of the airline. Therefore thorough and neat packaging is essential. This way you can prevent damage to even the most items during your relocation from Nashville to Atlanta.

Despite the short distance between the two cities, on arrival at Atlanta, you should transfer your clocks one hour forward. This short hop sets you firmly in the Eastern Time Zone (EST).