Neal Kwatra Discusses Creating Your Perfect Personal Brand

Many people look at personal branding and think about how difficult it must be. You may be looking at trends or people that you admire. You may be considering how you can make changes to yourself to seem more valuable as a brand. What you might not realize is that personal branding isn’t as hard as it looks. This article shares a few tips to help you perfect your brand.

Find Yourself, Find Your Voice

Often, people view personal branding as having to play a part or change who you are; actually, it’s the exact opposite. It’s important to be introspective when creating a personal brand. Consider who you are as a person. How do you stand out from the crowd? What aspects of yourself can you bring to the table that add value? You may want to consider admirable traits, skills, and interests. For instance, you could be a very loyal friend who sticks around even when times get tough. Maybe you have an unconventional degree and can bring a new perspective to the business.

Find Your Audience

Once you know the key elements of your brand, tailor those traits to meet the needs of your target audience. You must ask yourself what type of audience you’re targeting and how you can emphasize your strengths and positive qualities.

For example, say you are looking for a job in public relations. Your first step is to meet with human resources. That’s your primary short-term audience. Use what you know about yourself and the field to market the aspects of why you are the best fit.

You don’t want to stop there; you’ll also want to take a good look at what you’d like to be your future. Who is the next audience you will want to woo? What about the audience after that? Using the example of the public relations hopeful, you may then want to be a leader in your area of expertise. You’ll have to reach a new audience, such as editors, other leaders in the field, trend makers, and so on. How will you keep what you have fresh and valuable? Remember, it’s all about using and building upon what you already have that distinguishes you from others.

Putting Your Name Out There

Once you’ve identified your brand, your target audiences, and what it is that sets you apart, you will need to begin working toward building a platform for yourself. Like a business, you’ll want to develop a marketing strategy that works for you and makes sense for your brand. You’ll want to build a positive reputation among your peers and potential professional connections. If you followed the steps to brand yourself, you should be able to make decisions about your website and social networking with more ease and confidence.

Neal Kwatra elaborates: “Your brand should make you feel like you are coming across as genuine and true to who you are. You never want your brand to feel forced, fake, or deceitful.” When building your brand, consider what makes you unique and what your audiences want. Put those two together, and the rest will come naturally.

About Neal Kwatra

Since the founding of Metropolitan Public Strategies (MPS) in 2013, Neal Kwatra has been at the forefront of the most hotly contested political and advocacy campaigns in New York and across the nation. Mr. Kwatra has since been at the forefront of some of the most fiercely contested political and advocacy campaigns in New York and across the nation. He has fought to uphold his ideals with great tenacity and continues to expand the reach of MPS into the strategic management of nationally recognized grassroots and issue advocacy campaigns.