Why Neck Ice Packs are an Essential Part of Your Injury Recovery?

Neck injuries are simply the worst. There’s nothing like that feeling when you can’t move your neck, sleep, and participate in daily life. Of course, not all neck injuries are the same.

You can decrease the pain of acute neck injuries with neck ice packs.

What are Neck Ice Packs

Neck ice packs are reusable packs you use for cryotherapy. Or, put in simpler terms, you use them to freeze and cold the injuries such as inflammations and hematoma. Their primary use is to reduce swelling, and you can find a variety of neck ice packs online.

They are long-lasting products. If you take care of the ice packs, you can use them even for years. But, to understand their use properly, you have to learn a bit more about neck injuries.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries have a lot of causes. There are such complications that are chronic. To treat them, you need proper physiotherapy, as well as medication. Also, there are advanced forms of acute trauma that also require better treatment.

Thus, ice packs are a one-fit solution. Instead, it’s better to use them for sports injuries, people suffering from a sedentary lifestyle or older people prone to injuries.

Also, you can skip using them for chronic neck pain. The nature of cryotherapy prevents the packs from reducing constant pain. Instead, they are great to use when you recently suffered neck trauma.

Acute Neck Pain

Acute neck pain comes from a one-time injury. For example, the medical problems could come from a driving incident, sports injury, or another recreative activity. In practice, acute neck pain usually comes a hard hit, improper body position, or a long-term stiffness.

When that happens, your first instinct must not be to panic. As long you can feel the neck – that’s great. Even if it hurts badly to move – you can still move! The best thing is that no matter how much it hurts, the fact you are feeling something is a good sign.

Also, it’s imperative to visit a doctor if you can’t move your neck at all. But, there’ll be a time when you slept in an improper position, or you had a rough training session. In those instances, you can use ice packs to recover fully.

Recovery From Neck Injuries

Remaining still and resting is the best way to recover from neck injuries. But, there’s going to be swelling involved. It’s simple. If you reduce the swelling – you are going to reduce the neck pain.

Thus, you have to apply them regularly and in a matter of a few days to reduce the pain and return to normal. When you combine rest and cooling aid – your neck returns to its normal state. The swelling happens when blood flows and remains at a single point.

The ice packs stop the blood flow, reduces the swelling, and returns the mobility to the area. After you use it for two to three days, the swelling subsides completely, and you can return to your daily life.

Neck Ice Packs Benefits

The best benefit of the ice packs is the ease of use, price, and variety. All models are relatively easy to use. The difference is in the features models offer. Some come with additional spaces for cold materials.

Others have straps or other attachments to modify them and adjust them to your neck. So, when you search for them online, use the link above to find the best model. You are going to find a perfect balance between the features and your price range.

Now, the only thing left is to learn how to use them.

Neck Ice Packs Use

You use neck ice packs in the same way, regardless of the model. The application is simple – put them on the damaged area for 30 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes. Repeat the process as much as possible in 2 hours, then rest for 4-5 hours.

When the injury is fresh, you can use them even more often. Before you use the packs, leave them to rest in the freezer for six hours. Then, you can use them. Make sure to put them in the freezer regularly, since they lose their freezing potential after three hours.

If you don’t use them anymore, make sure to re-freeze them every six months. Take them out, wipe them, clean them, and put them in the freezer for six hours. You can use them again. The only thing left is to purchase the packs.

Buy Neck Ice Packs

Neck ice packs are those products you wish you don’t have to use – but are damn good to have when you are hurt. Buying the ice packs is an investment in your health.

Sure, you can do without them. However, when you feel that stiffness and swelling – it’s much better to have the aid around.