Online Dating Tips

Dating is romantically going out with someone for a purpose of getting to know each other, and in the end, be a couple. While doing it in person is a challenge for some, some are even brave to do it online using dating apps.

Some youngsters or millennials nowadays use online dating for hookups, but there are others looking for serious relationships. Even the oldies are into online dating apps with hopes that despite their age, they will find someone they can spend the rest of their life with.

With the popularity of this online dating, it is not surprising that it comes with danger that can harm those who will participate in it. Thus, I have listed down below some of the invaluable tips.

Tip #1 Choose the Best Dating App or Site

Having a dating app or site you can trust is like finding an insurance company that will not go bankrupt. With lots of dating apps around the world, there are surely ones that are with hidden agendas, and one of them is to scam you. Thus, make sure you research and check the app first before you sign up.

Surely, there is a perfect app or site for you wherever you are. Let’s say you are a chinese or want to date a Chinese, you might want to check these chinese dating sites, but if you are interested in all nationalities, you can try even the most popular ones, like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Happn.

Tip #2 Do not Fill Your Profile With too Private Information About You

While it is necessary for your potential chatmate to know who you really are, it is a must that you do not write a lot of personal pieces of information about you. One of the reasons why you should not do it is because there are online dating participants that are there for phishing, so be extra cautious about what you will have public in your profile.

Tip#3 Choose Your Winning Pictures

The first thing that your potential chatmate will see is your profile picture. Make sure that you are looking sharp and not too revealing. If you want to be so open to a potential chatmate, limit the photo editing. As much as possible, do not edit your profile picture. Excessive editing is somehow fooling someone by changing your physical appearance significantly. Small editing, like changing the filter is however suggested.

Also, having two photos uploaded is proof of how you really look. Just make sure you look the same in those two photos.

Tip #4 Be Vigilant

When already chatting with someone, remember to not disclose private information about you. Things, like a bank account, must be kept to yourself. Also, do not be fooled by scams, like when you are asked to send money, so he can go to your country or place. I know it happens that when you love someone, you will do everything for him or her, but be very vigilant, especially if it involves money as this is the basic goal of every possible scammer.

Also, being vigilant means knowing whether he/she is really looking for a relationship and not just some sort of hook ups. It is for your protection too.

Tip #5 Check His/Her Profile

Before the conversation gets deeper and deeper, make sure to check his./her profile.

Why? Here are the reasons!

  • It will give you a glimpse of what he/she is.
  • You may have common denominators, like having the same hobbies. That way, you will know how you will break the ice. If you have different hobbies and likes in life, it will give you an idea on how you can win his/her full attention.
  • He or she might belong to another religion or social group that you firmly do not believe in.

Tip #6 Make Sure to Do Video and Phone Calls Before Meeting Him/Her in Person

Phone and Video calls will give you an idea of how he/she talks, or if that person is serious about what he/she says. Remember, it is easier to say words through chat, and it is easier to say I like through chat than through a video call or phone call. Doing this suggestion might show you whether there’s a spark or none, be it by talking to him or by staring at his moving pictures. Thus, remember to do a series of video/phone calls before deciding to meet each other in person..

Tip #7 Do not be too Aggressive When Talking to Him/Her

When you are finally talking to him/here (video or phone), do not show too much skin. Also, being too aggressive and daring might signal another agenda to whoever you are talking to, agenda like wanting just a casual sex. He/she might be offended if he/she does not like your actions, causing him/her to stop talking to you.

Final words

At this age, where the internet and technology rule the world, everything is easy. That includes building a romantic relationship with someone through online dating. Having said that, being equipped with the tips on how you should do the online dating is a must.