Organic Protein Powder: What Is It and How to Use It

You’ve probably already heard about protein powder as a supplement for athletes. But what about organic protein powder? What is it? And is there any significant difference between organic and non-organic one?

There are a lot of misconceptions that there is no difference between organic, or vegan, protein powder and an ordinary one. Many people believe that it is only a waste of time and money searching for organic powder when you have a variety of ordinary protein powder brands available anywhere. So, let’s figure out who is right. By the way, if you’re looking for a good powder brand, read the full orgain protein powder review here to pick one.

Organic Protein Powder Explained

Vegan powder is the plant-based one. Usually, it is a combination of brown rice, chia, and pea protein. There are many forms of plant-based protein, but those three are most frequently used.

When can you use plant-based powders? If you have quite a balanced diet, where you’re getting enough quantity of daily protein needed from a variety of different sources, you can use plant-based protein as a supplement to it. In fact, it doesn’t matter a lot what kind of protein you consume as long as you get enough amount of it from the variety of different sources. In such case, the absorption level of it is already high enough. Your muscles will recover and grow in both cases, no matter whether it is a vegan or non-vegan powder.

But you have to remember that the fact that a plant-based protein is organic, doesn’t mean you have to consume it more or less than a usual one. Your body needs a limited amount of protein. Consuming more than your body can utilize won’t help to boost the future results. So, always check which specific amount of protein you might need. As a lot of athletes and bodybuilders usually take more protein than they actually need and are able to assimilate.


How to Choose Protein Powders

Pick a powder depending on how much time you have to prepare food or shakes with it, and depending on the taste you like most. Such shakes are a good snack if you’re trying to lose weight and looking for something delicious but fast to replace the actual meal.

  • Look for chocolate and vanilla taste if you don’t consume sweet products, but want to.
  • Choose gluten-free protein if you don’t consume gluten
  • Pick unsweetened and unflavored brands to use with any product you want – oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, etc.

And the last but not the least, go for the blender instead of a spoon. Usually, protein powders are rather thick. So, if you try to make shakes using a spoon they won’t blend nicely. If the powder has a sweet taste, don’t mix it with water only, as it might be a little bit too sweet. Instead, you can add coconut milk or almond milk to give it a softer taste.