Perfect Guide to Writing Your Wedding Vows

Struggling to write your vows for the wedding? It can be quite a daunting task which requires you to sit down, gather yourself and then sum up all your feelings for the person you love. It has to include your promises and dreams summed up in a short few minutes. Writing vows may get a bit overwhelming, but in the end, it will be all worth it. It is the one big chance that you have to tell your partner your story and give them a sneak peek into how you both clicked.

Moreover, this is a profoundly intimate thing. You are using your words to bare your heart to your partner. Furthermore, you are doing this in front of all your friends and family. Scared? Anxious? Nervous? Well, don’t be! We are here to help you out. Here we’ll give you some tips that will help you write your wedding vows with ease.

Wedding Vow Template

Samantha, who offers assignment help Australia says that mostly all the traditional vows are very well structured. However, that does not mean you have to be very strict when you are writing the vows. Though all of you, will be writing different vows for your partner, we have come up with an outline that will help you get started.

Say “I love you.”

Seems obvious, right? Well, though distinct, a lot of young couples get so engrossed in writing down promises and dreams that they forget this fundamental reason why they are together. So, do not ever omit this from your vows.

Tell your partner, you’ll be there

According to Samir who works with TAE and fulfills student queries like “do my statistics homework” and provide college research paper writing service, whichever wedding ceremony he has attended, there has been one universal vow, i.e. sticking around through good times and bad, sickness and health and for the poorer and the richer times. However, the reality is that all the marriages have their days of peaks and valleys. So, if you are putting this in your wedding vow, you must keep your promise and stick around through thick and thin.

Actually, make promises

Your vows are more than just cute anecdotes. They are to have promises, and when you make a promise to someone, you are making a serious commitment. Your commitment is going to be heard by all your friends and family but that in no ways means they have to be massive. You don’t just vow to be around through sickness and health but also to kill the spiders which come creeping and crawling into your home.

Share your personal stories

Shyama, who today works with EW4U and help students to buy college essays online, says that when she was getting married, her emphasis was on including her personal stories in the vows. It is much more interesting for your family and friends to hear. They would love knowing about your intimate moments and odd quirks. You should also include your highs and lows, because, despite all of that, you are there at the altar.

Acknowledge the support that you need from others

Now, most of your friends and family are already present to celebrate your wedding. However, you need them beyond this celebration. You might need them just as much during your marriage. So, acknowledge the presence of ones gathered around and seek their support, whenever required. Sometimes, it is the friends and family, that keep you and your partner glued when the times get tough.

So, these are some of the things that you can include in your wedding vows.

Now, we’ll discuss with you some pro tips that will make writing these vows easier for you.

Tips for Wedding Vows

Here are some of the tips that will help you in writing your wedding vows.

First: Do not wait till the last minute

You must always have your wedding vows planned and ready at least three weeks before your wedding day. You’ll be thankful to us for this advice because you need a lot of rehearsal to practice these vows before the wedding jitters start kicking in.

Second: Write down a list of all your thoughts

Now, when you are putting down a list of your ideas you don’t have to write complete sentences, then and there. Just include everything that you are looking forward to saying to your partner and then from this list, highlight your favourite things. These things can be the starting points for your wedding vows.

Third: Write a minimum of three drafts

Now, once you write the first draft of your vows, give you and your vows some space, maybe a week or just a few days. Then, go back and re-read these vows. You can do this two or three times more. By the end of it, you’ll have your final draft ready. Sudhanshu, who is busy in completing his data science certification online with TrumpLearning, shares his experience. He says that he only got his final draft after re-writing for six times. So, make sure you have enough time else this re-writing will drive you crazy.

Fourth: Do not include everything

Of course, it is a big day for you and your partner, and you want to tell them everything you are feeling. However, you cannot include everything. It is next to impossible for you to jot down every emotion, memory or dream into your vows. So, again, write it all down and pick a few of the unmissable ones.

Fifth: Never, use Never or Always

The problem with using always and never is that such a language will always set you up for failure. Promising always is not easy. So, you don’t have to promise perfection. You just have to strive to work towards perfection.

Sixth: Go ahead, be cheesy

When you are writing your feelings, why even worry about being cheesy? If your words are coming straight from the heart, then they are not cheesy.

Seventh: Laughter to your rescue

When you can laugh at yourself, you are going to serve well in your vows and marriage.

Eighth: Take help from movies, books, songs and poems

If you or your partner has a favourite song, dialogue or a line from a book or poem, use it to express your feelings. You can even use it as a build-up point or a conclusion line. This way, your partner will feel special that you remember their favourites.

Ninth: Read it out loud

Your vows are now ready, but the only real way to ensure that everything is perfect is by hearing how it all sounds. So, go ahead and read them out loud. These will help you correct any errors. You can also alter the structure of the sentences if it seems a little off to you.

Tenth: Don’t forget intonation and pauses

Lastly, there is a chance that in some places, you or your partner will get emotional. So, give yourself and them, enough time to tear up or laugh without hampering the flow. Never rush through the vows. Be patient and smooth while speaking. In order to assure best emotional reactions and comprehension, you must take it slow and emphasize the intonation, breaks and pauses.

So, keep these tips in mind, and you are sorted for your wedding day!

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