10 Important Questions To Ask Your Mesothelioma Attorney

You may feel overwhelmed by the number of difficult decisions that have been placed in your path since you were diagnosed with mesothelioma. Perhaps you are asking yourself: What is the right mesothelioma doctor for me, and what treatment plan is best? What can I do to ensure my family’s financial security? Does hiring a lawyer make sense?

It is imperative you choose a mesothelioma attorney you trust and feel comfortable with – this will help you and your family and bring some peace of mind.

When you work with an experienced mesothelioma attorney, you increase your chances of receiving compensation to pay for medical expenses, pay lost wages, and save the financial future of your family.

You can expect your lawyer to conduct extensive research and interviews on your behalf when you hire them. The goal of their work is to ensure you and your family receive the most amount of compensation possible. Thus, choosing an experienced mesothelioma lawyer with access to a variety of resources is essential.

Determine Your Settlement Options

It is up to the client to decide whether to hire a lawyer. However, you must first determine if your asbestos-related difficulties fall under workers’ compensation.

When considering workers’ compensation attorney settlement options, remember that asbestos manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors cannot be sued for workers’ compensation, but you can sue for mesothelioma against them. Asbestos trusts are not permitted to receive workers’ compensation claims.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Questions You Should Ask

During your first meeting, you should ask the following questions to make sure you’re hiring the best lawyer for your situation.

1.Have you represented asbestos-related clients for a long time? How Many Asbestos Cases Have You Successfully Resolved?

Attorneys and firms with decades of experience in asbestos-related cases can make sure your case has the best chance of success. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer will have a proven track record of successfully securing payment through asbestos trust funds, VA benefits, and settlements for their clients.

2.How do you differ from a firm near my home?

In mesothelioma law firms, you can find different levels of expertise, different levels of experience, and different levels of resources that can either help or hurt your case. The key is to find a law firm that not only gives you the attention you deserve but also has the resources and experience to build a strong case for you.

3.In the last ten years, has your firm reached a verdict? Which verdicts have you reached, and how often?

Despite the fact that pre-trial settlements are more common than jury trials, it is crucial to know that your firm can represent you in court if the case goes to trial. If you know the average verdict amount in asbestos-related cases, you can feel more confident in hiring their services for your case.

4.Is Asbestos Litigation Your Only Focus?

Tens of thousands of lawyers across the country are involved in asbestos-related lawsuits, but only a few specialize in these cases. By selecting an asbestos litigation attorney devoted exclusively to asbestos litigation, you increase your chances of getting the maximum amount of compensation for mesothelioma in the shortest time possible.

5.Is my asbestos case going to involve many support staff members in addition to my attorney?

Clients of mesothelioma law firms will have a dedicated legal team focusing on their cases. The teams consist of investigators, lawyers, paralegals, and medical experts. Each team member plays their own part in making the case strong. Furthermore, the team ensures that all necessary documentation is signed and all deadlines are met.

6.Can the firm provide any other support services?

Identifying the other services that a law firm or attorney can provide can help you make an informed decision. For instance, companies that specialize in mesothelioma compensation may be able to assist veterans with obtaining benefits from the VA. Additionally, these companies can connect clients with doctors who specialize in treating asbestos-related illnesses.

7.Can you help me gather information about my asbestos exposure if I have questions?

To understand how, where, and when a person was exposed to asbestos, all asbestos-related cases require a thorough background investigation. Medical records and work histories are just two sources of information that reputable attorneys have access to. Evidence, asbestos products, and locations are also available in large databases.

8.Is there any Mesothelioma Doctor or Treatment Center that you are affiliated with?

Lawyers and law firms with a reputation for providing the best mesothelioma representation often have relationships with some of the best medical specialists and treatment facilities in the country.  There may also be local removal services such as asbestos removal chicago.

9.Do You Have Any National Recognition for Your Work?

As a result of their exemplary service to the mesothelioma community and their success in representing their clients, many successful mesothelioma lawyers are acknowledged. Those lawyers who have achieved landmark verdicts, settlements, or have made a significant impact are often honored by reputable organizations.

10.How Much Will Your Services Cost?

Experienced mesothelioma attorneys do not charge upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses. Instead of charging a flat fee, they provide legal services on a contingency fee basis, which means they accept payment only if they are successful in obtaining compensation for an asbestos-related injury.


It’s only natural to have questions if you are considering filing a mesothelioma lawsuit. The newly diagnosed patients and their families find themselves in a tough situation when dealing with mesothelioma lawyers who have experience in this area. A professional lawyer will listen to you carefully – no matter how many questions you have – and will ask how asbestos exposure has affected you.

By asking as many questions as you can, you will be better able to discover your situation, legal options, and the type of lawyer you need. Almost any law firm will be able to answer the initial questions and needs of its clients over the phone, but nothing is quite as helpful as talking to someone face to face about this complex topic.