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Join Sweepstakes And Find How To Get Quick Votes For Contests

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When it comes to online contests, I’m sure you have well known about the prizes and tour packages related to your interest.

If you’re looking for some great tips to find right contests to participate, then you will love this post for sure.

We also cover the topic “how to get quick votes for contests online“.

Let’s look the different types of sweepstakes available to join.

Family Vacation Sweepstakes:

Everyone has super interest to take a tour to any place with their family. When you win a vacation contest, you can get that tour package without spending money. This is great news for people who looking for a free family tour.

To join vacation sweepstakes, you need to find a trusted a source. The balance every day site gives great information for vacation sweepstakes list. Every sweepstakes is different. Some sweepstakes ask for filling name, email and simple information and other contests ask you to add more details like photo, videos, and other data.

So read their instructions well before you join for any vacation sweepstakes.

Best Essay Sweepstakes:

One of the popular online sweepstakes is Essay writing sweepstakes. For winning this type contest, you need to have good knowledge to write well about the topic given by admin.

Also you can hire a professional writer to do the job. There are two places available to hire perfect writers.

1. Freelancer dot com

2. Fiverr dot com

There are dozens of essay contests available to join daily. Analyze the contest well and choose the right one to join.

Sometimes you can see low competition level, and most of the times with high level competition. To find the latest essay sweepstakes, you can look at Contest Queen sweepstakes directory.

Email Sweepstakes:

Very simple but effective sweepstakes are Email sweepstakes. Don’t use your personal or regular emails to join. You need to create a unique Email only for the email sweepstakes purpose.

When you use your business or personal email, you will confuse with all emails, and you may wrongly click on spam offers too.

Use a dedicated email address for your sweepstakes. So you can find out the winning notification in right time.

When you receive winning emails to your business or personal email, you can mark it spam. Why?  Because you only using a dedicated email for your sweepstakes.

Photo contests:

Smart phone cameras help greatly for photographic contests. Contest admins now offer mobile responsive photo contests. 21% of photo contest creators love to use HEYO app to run photo contests.

When you join photo contests, you can get more benefits than simple sweepstakes. You can have a high chance to win great prizes. If you have a good fan base, you can gather more votes than your competitors. So your winning chance is high with photo contests.

To get more votes for your contest, you need to have super quality photos. Again we say, you can hire a professional photographer to get great photos.

Online recipe contests:

If you have good cooking skills, you can join a recipe contest. We can see lot of posts on Facebook with cute photo of cooked meals. They also seek for votes for their contest entry.

The important thing is, you need to come with a great recipe with full details. Ask your family members and friends to find your traditional healthy recipes.

Let’s find how to get quick votes for your contests:

For some contests, the winning contestants may have votes count with 1000 to 10000 and for other contests some winning contestants have only under 100 votes. There are several ways available to increase votes for any contest. Anyhow, we share you the best working ways in 2019 to get quick votes for your contests.

The following ultimate ways are using by contest marketers are listed below.

Promote your facebook fan page to increase votes for contests:

• Share your new article link and product link to your Facebook page. Also share fun photos of your team and office moments.

• Always promote only one niche targeted products and services. So your viewers won’t hesitate to look all your posts. You need to build a community to increase your fans count.

• You can post anything like personal posts, authority building and your team stories as soon as they are related to your niche audience.

• Don’t purchase fake fans for your page. It will hurt your fan page heavily. When you buy fans/likes, you can’t get engagment for your business.

• Export data from Facebook weekly to track and analyze organic fans growth. Check your post metrics to find the right posts to serve to your audience in future.

• Also note the likes count and negative feedback you received.

More effective ways have very interesting things:

• You can promote your content using facebook ads with social context to get effective results.

• When you correctly target the demographic audience, you can get quality results in short time period.

• Random fans can’t help to get more engagement. So you need to find the right people who have interest on your services.

• It’s time to integrate your business page with useful tools and apps. You may run a poll, email opt in, RSS feeds or a podcast.

• Share your business page link on your other social media sites and invite your current fans to engage.

• Always analyze well and post evergreen type posts. So you can get more lifespan to get more engage.

• Collect other popular posts from popular brands account and check them clearly to create your new post.

• Few good examples for evergreen post are: Q&A type, Video Tutorials and How to type posts.

Note these top strategies as bonus:

• When you have a good relationship with your fans, they will request turn on notification for your new posts.

• Keep your posts short and attractive ones. Starting a own group on facebook helps to brand your business heavily.

• Group names should be catchy to the audience so they won’t forget the name. Write simple and necessary rules to impress your audience.

• It’s time to invite your most engaged audience to join your new group.

• Offering free guides, coupon codes or referral gifts help your group to develop faster.


When you have a popular fan page on facebook, you can gather thousands of votes for your contest. For people who have no fan page or fan page with very few fans, they can buy votes from online vote selling providers.

You need to choose right company to gather right votes. So you can avoid warning alerts from your contest admin.

Vapulsemedia voting agency has great reviews across all social media sites. You would check their page here to know more the services they provide to make you as contest winner.

Share your valuable thoughts about “how to get quick votes for contests” on comments section!