A Guide to Removing Mugshots from the Web to Get that Job

If you want information removed from the internet, Google recommends contacting the website owner. However, getting in touch with a webmaster, and having the information removed is a challenge by itself. The best way to contact a web owner is through a hosting company or contact form. Although this is the case, many popular picture websites use private hosting companies and do not have contact forms.

Another great option is doing a WHOIS check on the website. On the other hand, websites using privately registered domains make it nearly impossible to track down the site owner.

Therefore, What Do You Do?

From the year 2013, laws have been implemented to help those with expunged or false arrest records to have their mugshots removed. However, the main limitation of these laws is that they only apply in certain situations or cases (such as dismissed cases or expunged cases). Furthermore, these laws give website owners a 30-day maximum to remove your record.

This tends to be a problem for many, as they cannot wait until 30-days according to mugshot removal service Velseoity. Furthermore, many of the websites are located or hosted in countries where U.S. laws do not apply. MagnifyAds.com fully knows and understands everything, and that is why they offer 72-hour mugshot removal service.

Public Mugshot Displaying States

The truth is that the number of states that make mugshot records public is increasing. Florida is a good example, known to share these records freely. The state has made arrest and mugshot information available from way back as 1999, and websites such as florida.arrests.org have over 4 million mugshot list. Other states known to display mugshots publicly include Louisiana, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, California, North California, Arizona, Oregon, Alabama, and Texas.

The largest mugshot websites are Jail.com and Mugshots.com. State governments are not responsible for putting the mugshot data online, and it is infarct common misleading information. That is because in most cases, the information is made available through county sheriff offices where the arrest took place. Therefore, if there is a mugshot you want to be removed from the web, call us today, and we will help you.