Saturn and its rings

Saturn Retrograde in Birth Chart: What Does It Mean?

Saturn and its rings

When Saturn goes retrograde, the planet appears to be moving backward from the earth. Although it’s a mere eye trick, it’s considered symbolic by every astrologer.

As Saturn is retrograde 45 days a year, about a third of people are born during this period. So if you have Saturn retrograde in birth chart, here’s everything you need to know.

The Meaning of Retrograde Saturn in Your Natal Chart

When Saturn retrograde happens in your birth chart, you can expect to feel heightened boundaries and limits. It happens because Saturn, as mentioned, oversees discipline, boundaries, and limitations.

As such, you may suffer from the following issues:

Difficulty Expressing Yourself

If your birth chart corresponds to retrograde, then you might find it hard to put your thoughts into words.

On the other hand, you might have different ways of expressing yourself.

Low Self-Esteem

Saturn retrograde in the natal chart suggests the absence of a father figure. In most cases, these people have been given a vast responsibility at such a young age.

Since Saturn helps you get in touch with this person representing discipline and authority, this may hamper your effort to build security and self-esteem.

Poor Boundaries

Saturn’s effects make it hard for retrogrades to establish healthy boundaries. Be it intimate or career-related relationships, their feelings drive them to say yes, even if they don’t want to.

These people don’t want to let others down, even if it’s at their expense.

In the end, such people repress fear and end up feeling inadequate. Even if they’ve done their best, they think they could do more.

Despite these issues, success awaits those born at the height of retrograde planets. Once they learn how to tune their negative thoughts, they can focus on personal growth.

What Happens During Saturn Retrograde

The activity of retrograde planets, such as Mercury and Neptune, often leads to weakened qualities.

As for Saturn retrograde, it’s the other way around. It’s the malefic planet, after all. It rules wisdom, karma, responsibility, and time. While it’s cold and harsh, it helps you build authority and status in your life.

Expectedly, when the planet goes retrograde, you’ll feel fear, frustration, and some burden.

Since it takes quite a while, the activity of retrograde planets makes it suitable for revisiting and understanding things. At the same time, you can use this energy to achieve continuous improvement.

Additionally, the retrograde of this ‘Lord of Karma’ can help you sort things out.

What Happens During a Saturn Retrograde Transit

Generally speaking, here’s what may occur when the planet moves through the zodiac signs:

  • 1st house. Since the first house rules your personal identity, you concern yourself with how you come across to others on a personal level. You start focusing on your physical body and your outlook in life changes to a more serious and responsible tone.
  • 2nd house. It’s all about the money! Remember, this event plays on your desire for security.
  • 3rd house. The lesson is this: you need to be more precise than ever. Though you’re good at communicating, some people can end up misinterpreting your ideas.
  • 4th house. You may feel sad because of your family leaving. For example, your child might be going to college soon. Although this is the case, it’s the perfect time to focus on your other blessings.
  • 5th house. In proper retrograde action, this should be about setting boundaries.
  • 6th house. You might feel some pressure on work, habits, daily functions, and health. This pressure makes you aware of your unnecessary routines at work, prompting some spring cleaning to be done.
  • 7th house. Don’t forget your close relationships! Work on it, or else you’ll regret it.
  • 8th house. At the start of the transit, you become sensitive to outer world pressures that force you to examine your deepest attachments and desires. Towards the end, you would have eliminated these habits and attachments that hinder you from emotional freedom.
  • 9th house. It’s not pleasant to question your beliefs, but this is a sign that you should.
  • 10th house. Do you hate your career? Now’s the time to try and get out of it.
  • 11th house. If you’re not happy with a specific group in your life, now’s the time to go with another.
  • 12th house. You may feel intense emotions during this stage. It’s all about coping, and the best way to do so is to reach out to others.

Final Words

Saturn is the planet that rules wisdom, responsibility, and karma. During retrograde, its effects get more pronounced.

You’ll likely find it hard to express yourself. Likewise, you may be plagued by issues of low self-esteem and poor boundaries.

Despite these problems, you can make the most out of Saturn retrograde. It’s a matter of channeling negative thoughts and using them for the better.