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Should You Relocate to Birmingham in the New Year?

macbook air on brown wooden tableBirmingham is among the best places in the country for those working from home. That’s according to a recent survey commission by instantprint, a printing company based in Rotherham. The poll, conducted nationwide, took into account a range of factors, including broadband peak speed, 4G availability, and the cost of living, including average property prices and average monthly rent.

The printing company, who offer various print marketing products from signage and business cards all the way through to brochures, found that Birmingham placed second in the best cities to work from home. There fast internet download speeds and 24.1mbps 4G coverage was ranked amongst the highest in the UK.

In the roundup, Birmingham missed out on first place only narrowly, with Belfast pipping it to the top spot. If you’re considering a move to Birmingham, then all of this might provide considerable food for thought – so why exactly might the second city be worth moving to?

Job Opportunities

While Birmingham’s job market might have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, it still provides plenty of opportunities. Especially since it was starting from a fairly high level, with investment in the city’s transport infrastructure resulting in brand new train stations and a complete overhaul of the road system around Broad Street.


The city centre’s biggest draw in terms of shopping opportunities is surely the eye-catching Bullring Shopping Centre, which, alongside the recently-revamped New Street train station, provides just about every major name in retail, and a great deal else besides. You might easily spend an entire day exploring it – and find plenty of interesting places to stop for a bite to eat along the way.

The Jewellery Quarter provides a slightly different shopping experience. It’s Birmingham’s historical district for sparkling, shiny baubles, and it’s where everyone goes when they’re looking for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This is one kind of retail therapy that you won’t find on just any high street.

Restaurants & Bars

There’s an abundance of high-class cocktail bars littering the city centre. The Botanist provides an extensive menu, including non-alcoholic options, if you want to enjoy an after-work drink without the headache. The city and the surrounding area is home to six Michelin-star restaurants, including Adams and Purnell’s. Consequently, there will always be somewhere fancy to celebrate a special occasion.

If you’re a foodie working in the city, then you’ll want to make a point of visiting Digbeth for the legendary dining club. All manner of small restauranteurs ply their trade here from the backs of trailers. It’s set to undergo a radical transformation, with the old Bullring market hosting the dining club in the future, a-la Brixton Village in London.


Birmingham is home to some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, including world-class theatres and concert venues, as well as exhibition centres and arenas. If there’s a major touring band you’re interested in seeing, then there’s a good chance they’ll make a stop on their tour in Birmingham, when such activities are once again on the agenda.