Six apps that every business owner needs

Do you what is the most important thing for business owners to survive in today’s cutthroat corporate environment? Capital.

But what do the owners need to do to make money? Ability to do business from anywhere.

And this is relatively easy in today’s day and age. Look around; people are running their businesses on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom calls.

There are apps to take care of everything from finding customers, catering to their needs, communicating with them, selling them their products, and even receiving feedback.

All these apps make sure that your business runs hassle-free. But still, there is a lot more than a businessman need. For example, managing finances, keeping track of inventory, scheduling deliveries, establishing relations with customers, etc.

But there are enough apps to deal with all these issues as well. This blog looks at six apps that every business owner needs to automate their business and multiply its revenue.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp for businesses is a no-brainer. According to Oberlo, two billion people across the world use this app to send and receive messages. Moreover, its users are increasing by half a billion every two years.

WhatsApp has specifically designed WhatsApp Business for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them connect with customers, display products, collect orders, and provide swift customer support and help.

WhatsApp Business has several features to benefit business owners. It has a quick reply feature to save answers to the Frequently Asked Questions and reply to customers with a single tap. It swiftly answers customers’ queries and saves the time consumed in typing.

You can also use labels for specific customers. WhatsApp Business has a pre-built labelling system that you can alter to make it more suitable for your business.

WhatsApp Business also offers a mobile catalogue. In a catalogue, business owners can showcase their products and services. Each product can be given a title, price, a description, a website link and even a promo code.

It makes it easier for customers to sift through the products. Each catalogue can have a maximum of five hundred products.


Wave is a financial management software for small businesses. It is a cloud-based software that takes care of bookkeeping, accounting and invoicing, payroll management, payment tracking, and finance management.

It is designed to facilitate owners of small to medium-sized businesses and streamlines the entire accounting process for them. With Wave, users can manage all their bank accounts and get a real-time update about any transaction and withdrawal.

Other than this, Wave offers total expense and income tracking, along with sales tax details. It also generates unlimited invoices and allows users to accept credit cards and bank payments in invoices.

Wave offers protection with secure encryption for communication between the users. It uses 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL).

There are round-the-clock chatbots to help users and guide them with whatever they need. It also has a live chat feature where users can talk to support agents to answer their queries.

Wave has all the features to help owners eliminate all the stress of financial transactions for a small business.

Time Doctor

Smart Employee Time Tracking Software with Screenshots | Time Doctor

One of the biggest worries of business owners is to gauge the productivity of their employers. Employees’ productivity is directly linked with the outcome, both in terms of increased revenue and growth.

Time doctor offers a solution to this problem by providing detailed analytics of how and where the employees spend their work hours. It keeps a record of attendance and tracks the working time of the users. In addition, it breaks down the quantity of time spent on a particular project or with a specific client.

Time Doctor can also be used by businesses that bill their client based on hours spent on their work. It is precise and accurate with its measurement, and all the readings can be verified.

It gives a detailed report outlining where the time has been spent–on which app or website – and the outcome of that time. It is perfect for both managers who manage a team (remote or in-office) and individuals.

Square Point of Sale – POS

Square Point of Sale app lets you process payment through a card anywhere at any time. It is a simple application with outstanding features that enable you to conduct your business on the go.

Square POS app is perfect for small businesses, especially restaurants, retailers, e-commerce stores, and logistics.

Its features include online payment processing, inventory tracking, sales reports, analytics, digital receipts, and much more.

With Square, businesses can process credit card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Just tap the card on the screen, and payment is made.

Square POS has a specialized POS system built for restaurants to streamline and speed up their operations. It allows owners to keep their inventory stocked with menu management, inventory alerts, and floor plans.

Other POS solutions include Square Appointments and Square for Retail. In addition, it has multiple pricing for the terminal, contactless, and chip and register system.


Just10 - Ad-Free Private Social Network

Just 10 is a social app, but it can be used for secure business communications. For example, you can add up to ten people on this app and communicate – in complete privacy – with them.

Whatever you do on this app – send messages, upload photos, write posts – can be seen only by the added people on this app. Also, all the content disappears in ten days.

Business owners can use this app to communicate with their workers and other industry people. This app by airG is an excellent platform to forge business connections.

The app offers complete security and peace of mind to the business owner. Moreover, like other apps by airG scam or privacy concerns are not an issue with Just10. In addition, there is no in-app advertising to annoy you, and you won’t need to access any 3rd party app for any functionality.


Sortly is an inventory management app that tracks your inventory across multiple locations and notifies you when the stock is running low. It has a completely customizable system that you can configure according to your business needs.

Using Sortly will save you lengthy sales trips to every location and takes away the hassle of manually rummaging through hundreds of pages to keep track of your inventory.

With Sortly, you can share your inventory with your coworkers and customers and use bar code scanners to update any changes on the go. In addition, it can be used to track equipment, parts, and IT assets.

You can also use Sortly to keep track of your household items. Create entries for each item and add photos and information. It helps you keep your house organized and claim insurance easily in case of any damage.

Final word

In today’s fast-paced world, running your business has become more challenging. But, by using applications and software, you can optimize your business activity and increase productivity.

Today there are applications to manage every business operation, from communication to finance and even customer relationship. Using these apps help you get organized and focus on the most important thing – making money – without worrying about the day-to-day operations.

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