Six Benefits Of Ketamine Therapy

Did you know that one-third of depression patients do not respond to traditional forms of treatment? As a result, several US citizens suffering from various mental health problems struggle to find a cure for their condition. The unresponsiveness of an alarming number of patients has led scientists and researchers to develop other conventional forms of medicine to treat mental health disorders.

Experts have recently made a significant breakthrough in mental health treatment. A modern alternative, being hailed as a ‘miracle drug,’ has taken over all traditional pills and remedies to treat depression – Ketamine, a popular hallucinogenic best known as a street drug called ‘special K.’

A Street Drug = Antidepressant?

The US state of Illinois has a population of 12.9 million people, out of which approximately 400,000 adults (3.2%) struggle with serious mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depression. It’s hard to imagine a street drug becoming the solution to the mental health problems of all these people.

How does ketamine therapy help patients get better?

Low doses of ketamine target electrical activity in the brain to prevent pain signals from registering in a human’s mind and body. People who may benefit from ketamine therapy include patients with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Severe depression
  • Anxiety or PTSD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine headaches
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Chemotherapy
  • Nerve-injury
  • Diabetic
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

While the results of the treatment may vary from person to person, here are six benefits of ketamine therapy observed by scientists over years of research:

1. Quick Results

While other treatments may take a few weeks to take effect, ketamine therapy works quickly. Illinois residents suffering from depression can visit a well-reputed ketamine clinic to administer the Drug and enjoy its benefits within hours. Researchers believe that the secret behind ketamine’s powerful effect is that the Drug stimulates a rapid increase in glutamate. Glutamate is the primary neurotransmitter that strengthens and restores vital neural connections and pathways in the brain most impaired by depression. In addition, glutamate excites these nerve cells to their death which induces beneficial changes in the brain circuit function; therefore, the patient is instantly relieved of their mental health symptoms.

2. Positively Impacts Unresponsive Patients

There are several treatments for mental health problems in the medical world. However, at times the ideal treatment doesn’t prove beneficial for everyone. Doctors have reported several cases of severely depressed patients who failed to respond to multiple mental health treatments and traditional antidepressant medications. Scientists have now concluded that ketamine is a new drug that positively affects these unresponsive patients. Research has shown that several patients could go back to their regular work-life routine after administering ketamine therapy for several months to treat their mental health disorders. The optimistic results of similar experiments all over the US have excited doctors and scientists alike.

3. A Biological Solution

Ketamine therapy can help patients struggling with chronic pain and depression live a pain-free life, as this treatment is a natural solution. While other treatments may take months to present results, ketamine therapy works instantly by regenerating synaptic connections between brain cells damaged by stress and depression. Therefore, this treatment is much more dependable than any other traditional or modern form of mental health treatment as it alters the biology of a human, and there’s no going back. In addition, medical experts are further exploring the benefits of combining talk therapy with ketamine therapy to help patients create new neural pathways to incite positive thought patterns. This combination may help mental health patients fight their illness with limited medical assistance if successful.

4. Painless Treatment

Mental health patients are already dealing with a lot of pain and suffering. Therefore, they tend to run away from mental health treatments that may induce more pain in their mind or body. It explains why many mental health patients don’t contact a medical facility until they worsen significantly. Ketamine therapy addresses this problem and allows mental health patients a pain-free solution to their problems. Compared to other modern and traditional treatments, ketamine therapy is almost painless. Therefore, patients can treat their disorder quickly with this treatment as it does not involve any painful surgical processes or medications that present uncomfortable symptoms and after-effects.

5. A High Rate Of Success

According to reports, 16 million adults in the US have had an episode of major depression in a year – that’s how common mental health problems are in the country. When ignored, these mental health figures convert to high suicide rates in the country. The fact only stresses the need for a reliable antidepressant that can produce rapid results. Scientists believe that ketamine therapy has a 70% success rate, comparatively higher than most mental health treatments. Therefore, several medical facilities use ketamine therapy to treat mental health disorders and prevent suicide. Ketamine clinics are being formed all over the US, and scientists are further studying the concept of ketamine infusion therapy to understand the complications of its high rate of success when treating persistent depression. All these factors make ketamine therapy a reliable solution for mental health patients who were unsuccessful in achieving lasting relief with traditional medical solutions.

6. A Lasting Solution With A Limited Treatment Cycle

Most traditional mental health solutions and conventional antidepressant medications introduce patients to a lifetime of therapy and treatment. Often patients have to administer medication for years to cure their disorder and enjoy long-term relief. However, ketamine therapy is unlike any conventional treatment. It stimulates beneficial brain changes that deliver lasting symptom relief with a single treatment cycle. One ketamine therapy treatment cycle consists of six sessions over two or three weeks. Patients have to commit to a long-term maintenance phase after the initial treatment is over. Still, this phase is better than visiting a therapy clinic or taking bitter medications for life.


Ketamine therapy is gaining massive popularity with time as more and more people visit ketamine clinics to relieve their mental health problems. If you are looking for long-term positive effects of the treatment, you may have to invest in more than a few sessions. However, remember that ketamine is a powerful drug. Taking the medication daily may harm you. Therefore, it’s essential to consult a medical professional at a ketamine clinic to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. Stay safe!