How to Make Spring Cleaning an Enjoyable Experience

For many the word cleaning can instantly trigger an eye roll, a deep sigh or a shoulder shrug! Yet, there are others who relish the activity.

Is it possible to ever fully enjoy cleaning your house?! Well, there are certainly approaches you can take which will make it a more enjoyable and cathartic experience.

You may never get to the stage where you want to clean 24/7 but it is possible to view cleaning from a new perspective.

Change the Association

What first comes to mind when you think about cleaning? Hard work? Time consuming? Overwhelming? Dirty? Loath?!

Now, what if you looked at the task in a different way? What if you saw cleaning for what it is…an opportunity to improve your environment and living space? Letting go of physical clutter and dirt can be quite metaphorical and as you clear and clean, might you be letting some mental clutter clear also?

Spring cleaning in particular can seem like a daunting task, as it is essentially a deep clean where you tackle all those places and corners you’ve neglected for an entire year!

If you can focus on how satisfying it will be to have a clean and sparkly home at the end, rather than focusing in what need to happen to achieve it, you are more likely to experience increased motivation.

Breaking it Down

With spring cleaning, it seems we look at it as a huge undertaking but who says it has to be completed all at once?! What if you broke it down into smaller chunks, does that make it more achievable?

Systematically clean and clear each area or room. Perhaps prioritise the rooms you use the most so you can enjoy the spotless space.

If that feels too much, break it down even further to individual tasks within a room.

You might also like to set yourself time limits for each task to help keep you on track.

Creative Solutions

Might including creative elements make spring cleaning more appealing?

When you approach a spring clean in a creative way, it can help to change the way you view it. Clearing out some unwanted junk or creating a storage solution can feel pretty good.

Perhaps you might like to design and build your own storage solution, engaging your creative mind? After all, all you need is some mdf cut to size, a lick of paint and your clutter is hidden inside your very masterpiece!

Motivational Aids

Igniting that initial motivation to follow through with the task of cleaning can be a challenge in of itself. This is where using external motivation aid can be useful.

Enlist the help of a friend or family member. Many hands make light work and who says you have to do this alone. When you have support, the whole experience changes and it naturally becomes more enjoyable as you whizz through the to do list together.

Music is another great motivational aid, by playing uplifting and energetic music you will instantly feel more active, driven, inspired to enjoy this experience.

We often overlook the fact that cleaning is physical activity which means it burns calories! If you are conscious of including fitness into your lifestyle this is the perfect motivator to clean your way to your ideal fitness.

So, how ready are you to get started and enjoy creating a beautifully clean and tidy home? You might just have some fun!