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What Steps Should I Take if My Car Has Been Hit by a Drunk Driver?

black Ford carDrunk driving affects tens of thousands of people per year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 10,511 more victims’ lives were claimed by this dangerous driving habit in 2018 alone. Those who survive are left with terrible consequences that often harm their quality of life. Such problems include incurred expenses from injuries and property damage, primarily. If a drunk driver recently crashed into your car, there are several very essential steps to follow when handling these types of accidents that impacts your wellbeing and finances.

Drunk driving collisions, like any other, occur when you least expect it. These incidents are not exclusive to holidays, weekends, or the middle of the night (though they do occur with greater frequencies at these times). Unfortunately, they occur at all times of day and night and can be just as fatal each time. In each case, you’ll need to remember the following steps to lay the foundation for a drunk driving accident claim:

  1. Call the Police. Contact law enforcement the moment you are located in a safe area. They are critical to the aftermath of your accident for many reasons. The officers will do two primary things that are essential to building your case:
    1. They will collect a statement from all drivers involved and record the environmental conditions, locations, and other critical information in their report.
    2. The officers will measure the blood-alcohol content (BAC) of the inebriated driver.
  2. Record all details of the crash. After you speak with the police, document everything yourself. Take photos and videos of the damages if possible. These will serve as irrefutable evidence supporting your compensation needs.
  3. Visit a medical professional. Once you’ve gathered everything you can from the scene and provided law enforcement your statement, it is essential that you are evaluated by a medical professional. Drunk driving accidents often happen at high speeds, so you may have developed a concussion, whiplash, or similar injuries. A doctor can document your condition immediately following the collision and give you the tools necessary to recover.

You will also need to contact your insurance company. However, keep in mind that you should never speculate fault when discussing your accident with them. (Liability will be clear once the results of the breathalyzer test are received.) Further, there is no reason to provide a recorded statement to yours or the inebriated driver’s insurer without a lawyer. Protect yourself by getting legal guidance before initiating correspondence with insurers.

Hire a Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving collisions are often quite complex to handle since they are not treated like other auto accidents. Drunk drivers do not always face a civil case, but can be charged in a criminal case, especially if there were injuries involved or killed. Get in touch with an experienced drunk driving lawyer. Look for those who have already help others to solve their DUI cases in court. Law firms with certified experience are the ones that will put you in the best way to get things back to normal. Click the following link to learn more.