Finding Ways Through Technology: Using Modern Approach to Help You Become More Productive


It is a popular assumption nowadays that technology is the prime workplace distraction. However, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time, because if utilized positively, it can be the most reliable technique to keep you remain sharp every day.

For your company to function with the most efficiency, and for the organization to strive to be the most reliable, as a lead, you need to establish a great example. Many people will notice when you are organized, focused, engaged, and can balance many factors in your life. These qualities are what drive others to follow your leadership.

The concern is that we battle the very same workplace obstacles and distractions as our colleagues and employees. The chief culprit? Of course, technology. More precisely, the temptation to apply modern technology for personal purposes.

Humanely execute technology to impede diversions. Try concentrating on establishing the right frameworks around technology so you can develop fundamental marketing abilities like communication, self-discipline, and time management.

Listed below are sensible practices that many have used with excellent progress by making great use of modern science.

Set a timetable

Due to the number of notifications you encounter during the day, it is sometimes difficult to get the work done. Structuring a timetable for the particular activities that need quick finishing, even if it is just around 15 minutes, knowing that you have a schedule to follow helps you to stay adequately engaged.

A timetable can help in creating a wall on other possible distractions since you know that the time is ticking, and you would not want to waste any more of your time. This sort of self-discipline can be influential to those people around you, particularly when others notice how this greatly works for you.

Establish fixed breaks

Following this work-rest sequence can keep you concentrated and bypass any online distractions and temptations for as long as you don’t use the established break time to check on your Facebook newsfeeds. Alternatively, use the technology to do some exercise.

For instance, getting up and taking a walk away from your desk, and use those applications that count your steps. Noticing how many steps you did take usually can provide you the additional push you want to stand up, exercise a little, and get your body moving.

You can also use this break to listen to music that can help you stay active. Listening to classical kinds of music is known to have been helping people to stimulate their brain to start their day.

Don’t entertain emails on fridays

Provide yourself and the team a rest from electronic communications to build team associations instead. Set up a whole day, or probably just a particular time frame through the day, when you support everyone to communicate through phone, or if an individual is nearby, to interact face to face.

This method helps in promoting teamwork and personal bond, which can get neglected from infinite electronic discussions that are quite impersonal and make the team seem like Robots. Also, it can remind the team about the value of maintaining personal interactions.

Structure the day

Remember that people notice if you’re established and effective and if you are not. Design a daily to-do schedule helps to keep yourself on course, but you can’t constantly keep a paper list on hand. Sooner or later, you’ll appreciate the importance of installing some applications that help you prioritize your tasks to better control your time.

There are a lot of free applications on Google play if you are an android user and app store if you use Apple products, when you have some extra time, find the one that you can sync with your documents and emails to help you stay in command of your daily schedule.

To Conclude

Modern living through constantly relying on technology can your double-edged sword, for it can be the finest and most damaging parts of managing any business.

On the bright side, by being mindful and positive on the ways on how we need to utilize technology, we instead tap into its benefits, and you can take advantage of its strengths for the better. Through this approach, you’ll become sharper and more efficient team member and the kind of team leader that people would desire to follow.