The Best Antivirus for Home Use

Let’s face it. If you own a personal computer, you need an antivirus. You can’t afford to live without one, at least if you want to protect your files, social media accounts, school projects, send large files, your bank account, and to avoid expensive computer repair. Below are some of the best antivirus solutions today and how they stand out.


One McAfee antivirus license can help protect all of your family’s devices. Unlike some of its peers, McAfee lets you install its software on an unlimited number of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

It will set you back $59.99 each year for the license, but McAfee is presently one of the best security solutions. Multiple independent lab tests show that the company can protect you from most forms of malware effectively.

What’s more, McAfee protects you in real-time. That means any threats that attempt to crawl into your computer are neutralized instantly. As mentioned above, though, the antivirus eliminates most but not all malware types. That is why security experts advise that you use multiple antiviruses.


Avast is one of a few top-rated antivirus solutions that come with a free plan. And it’s not a bare-bone program only meant to market the company. Avast free antivirus surprisingly offers better protection than many premium services.

If you upgrade to Antivirus Business Plus, you receive comprehensive protection that includes a free virtual private network. When it comes to eliminating malware, the premium edition performs significantly better than the unpaid plan.

When compared to its peer, PC Matic, Avast performs significantly better. You can read a detailed comparison of the two security solutions here, Avast is also cheaper and comes with a lot more features than its competitor.

Norton Security

Norton boasts of worldwide recognition, but is it worth it? Priced at $59.99 for one license, Norton Antivirus Plus is an expensive solution. For that price, McAfee gives you software to use on an unlimited number of devices. Companies like Bitdefender and Webroot also cost a similar amount, but they give you more than one license.

But if you can look beyond the price tag, Norton is an excellent anti-malware solution. Again, you can always choose Norton 360 Deluxe for a five-device license. You’ll still get unlimited protection in real-time. You get comprehensive tech support if you agree to auto-renewing your license.

Regardless of the plan you purchase, the Norton antivirus user interface looks the same. It’s easy to navigate and well-organized. The antivirus features several scan features like Quick, Full, and Custom options. The aggressive scan feature lets the solution dig deep into your computer to neutralize threats, but it takes a while to finalize.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender regularly introduces security features that put its competitors to shame. You can view all of its features when you install its program. But as an overview, you receive comprehensive protection against Internet threats, a VPN and an anti-tracker.

It costs $39.99 for a single Bitdefender license. For $59.99 per year, though, you can get a permit to cover three computers. By default, Bitdefender’s user interface features icons to make a quick or full scan.

When it comes to performance, Bitdefender ranks amongst the best. In one test done in a London-based lab, the antivirus eliminated 99.99% of all security threats. What’s more, the solution neutralized them fast. As such, if you want an antivirus that takes the shortest time to scan your computer and eliminate threats, Bitdefender is a good fit.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is another anti-malware solution that needs no introduction. It’s been around for a while, won numerous awards, and proved to be an excellent product. Like some of its competitors, a license for three devices costs $59.99. In many cases, new customers pay $29.99 for the same license from the first year.

The antivirus’ user interface is pretty simple in design. Except for a few green icons, most features are displayed on black print and white background. That makes the app looks uncluttered and easy to navigate.

As an anti-malware protector, Kaspersky is impressive at its job. It wipes out computer threads from all points of entry, be it your flash drives, smartphone or the Internet. Even for new threats, Kaspersky will protect your devices with an excellent success rate.


As its competitors hike prices, Webroot maintains its incredibly affordable $18.99 license fee. With $29.99, the company gives you three license keys valid for one year. To show you just how great of a deal Webroot licenses are, the antivirus regularly performs better than more expensive solutions like Norton, McAfee, and Avast.

Whether you want protection against viruses or ransomware, spammers or phishers, Webroot is equipped to neutralize nearly all forms of Internet threats. Surprisingly, the program works slightly differently than its peers.

As opposed to using signatures to differentiate unwanted programs from sale files, Webroot uses a cloud-based system that analyzes suspicious files. It quarantines them and continues to examine them before deciding what to do with them.

PC Matic

Do antiviruses that that flag off safe programs annoy you? You might love PC Matic. The antivirus company lets you white list all apps antiviruses have previously flagged as dangerous. Henceforth, the company will only concentrate on blocking future threats.

PC Matic costs $49.99 for a license for five devices. For a better deal, you can pay $50 to acquire the licenses for a lifetime. The company’s web-interface looks colorful and features plenty of icons. It’s easy to use and takes only a few seconds to launch a scan.

PC Matic has consistently promoted whitelisting as one of the best ways to protect your devices. Indeed, giving access to specific files and programs ensures the antivirus blocks the rest of files passively. However, it doesn’t mean how other antiviruses operate is ineffective.

To Conclude

If you mean to purchase an antivirus for your family, invest in one of the options outlined above. For a single license, Webroot and McAfee offer the best deals. For multiple licenses, McAfee allows you to install its software on an infinite number of devices. But before you make a purchase, review the companies and choose the one that offers the best value to you.