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The Best Medical Centers in the World

desktop monitor beside computer tower on inside roomHeadaches and back pain are manifestations that almost everyone has experienced at least once in his life. Although such problems are common, they are not normal, and it is wise to do something about them. And for this, it’s important to choose the best medical center.

How to choose the best hospital for your problem

Choosing the right hospital often determines a patient’s further health condition. This applies not only to complex procedures. Even a seemingly standard surgery requires great experience and knowledge of the surgeon. After all, a routine intervention also requires special attention. Which quality criteria can patients use to find the right clinic?

It would be definitely wrong to call a particular hospital the “best clinic”. A hospital, no matter how prestigious it is, can not be equally good for all procedures. The best hospital is always the one that promises the best treatment for a particular patient’s disease.

But it’s not just specialization and mastery of the procedures that play a role in choosing a healthcare facility. It’s also up to the patients’ recommendations since this also provides some information about the real quality of medical services. So, the most important thing is that a patient recognizes a problem that requires attention and then chooses the specialized hospital.

Why do you have to pay attention to back pain

Currently, back pain is considered a multidisciplinary problem, in which the nervous system and spine condition are taken into consideration. This is because it is not always possible to establish a diagnosis during the initial examination.

Every person has experienced back pain at least once in his life. There are many possible causes for this. The predisposing factors are connective tissue pathologies, weak muscle carcass, or excessive body mass, sedentary lifestyle, irregular physical activity, etc. But sometimes, back pain is a manifestation of a severe pathology, one of the most common being lumbar spinal stenosis.

Stenosis implies a narrowing of the spinal canal. Narrowing of the spinal canal is usually caused by prolonged load on the spine and its subsequent deformation. The lumbar spine is the primary area affected since it carries most of the body weight.

How is lumbar spinal stenosis treated?

Surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis should be performed when nerve affection or functional impairments that limit physical activity occur. In these cases, the conservative treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis is usually insufficient.

In severe lumbar spinal stenosis, surgical treatment is the only effective method. Depending on the extent and severity of the stenosis, presence of spinal instability signs, age, and secondary conditions, the physician may suggest decompressive surgery or decompressive-stabilizing surgery, such as a fusion procedure.

The cost of treatment in the best medical centers in the world

The price of spine surgery depends on the chosen method, the specifics of the preliminary examination, and many other factors. So, to know the exact price of treatment you should consult your doctor.

However, average prices can give you an understanding of what to expect financially. The lumbar spinal stenosis surgery costs around 3,670 EUR and the price goes up with an increasing number of segments requiring the treatment.

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Is treatment abroad during a lockdown possible?

There’s a reason why so many people are interested in the treatment abroad, even during the lockdown limitations. It’s because foreign hospitals provide patients with examinations and treatment that local hospitals do not have.

The first question that all patients are usually interested in is how to organize treatment abroad. Lockdown restrictions don’t make it easier and leave people even more confused. However, there’s an option that will eliminate all the obstacles you might think about. You can use the services of the medical tourism company Booking Health.

Booking Health will organize your trip to any of the best medical centers in the world in a short period, making it stress-free and affordable. Booking Health’s advantage is resolving even complicated cases of visa issuing for people from countries with severe lockdown limitations.

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