Top Trending Careers in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry that allows professionals to enjoy superior job growth and career development opportunities. Research reveals that this trend is likely to continue for the next 20 years at a phenomenal rate of 23%.

Healthcare careers are rapidly growing and advancing, primarily because of increased healthcare accessibility. The aging population of the baby boomer generation is another contributing factor. Today, healthcare careers have progressed beyond medical education and patient care. You see, healthcare facilities and clinics also require administration, technical staff, web development, and technicians.

This article will walk you through the top trending careers in the healthcare industry.

Here, take a look:

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is the most sought-after healthcare service. This position is likely to enjoy immense growth soon. People seek out physical therapy to enhance their comfort and life quality and overcome the pain caused by various ailments. Physical therapists enjoy enormous flexibility and a healthy work-life balance as compared to other healthcare professionals.

Statistics reveal that the median yearly income for physical therapists is over $87,000. This figure is likely to increase by 22% by 2028. Physical therapists enjoy the independence of choosing their clients and making their independent hours. They are self-employed professionals but can also work with healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners enjoy high-paying salaries and hold immense significance in a healthcare facility, be it a hospital or a clinic. In most states, nurse practitioners have licenses to perform all the services and duties of a physician. A nurse with a doctorate commands immense esteem and significance amongst her peers and across a healthcare organization.

If you’re a registered nurse and unaware of what is a DNP degree, it seems you’re not focused on career advancement. A doctorate in nursing is the ultimate step towards career advancement and enjoying superior flexibility. Presently, a nurse practitioner earns a median salary of over $113,000 a year. Earning a doctorate in nursing can increase this figure considerably, alongside reducing work hours and demands.

The most in-demand nursing specializations include neonatal, pediatric, gerontology, and adult care.

Dental Hygienist

Research reveals that dental hygienists are amongst the most in-demand healthcare professions across the globe. Between the years 2018 and 2028, over 23,000 dental hygienist jobs will emerge. It reveals a striking 11% growth rate, prompting professionals to choose this high-paying and lucrative career path. Dental hygienists with an associate degree typically earn a median wage of over $74,000 a year.


A physician commands immense respect, esteem, and prestige in the healthcare community. However, becoming a physician is not as easy as this career demands a significant investment of money and time. But the effort and financial investment certainly pay off, for they are the highest-earning professionals in the healthcare industry.

Physicians typically earn more than $200,000 a year, or more, depending on their practice and demographics. This career ranks amongst the top, most sought-after careers. It is crucial to note that physicians require around 15 years of postsecondary education and training. Naturally, they also have massive student loan debts when they enter the professional arena.

Physician Assistant

Most people confuse a physician assistant with medical assistants, but the two are entirely different positions. Physician assistants are highly educated and trained healthcare professionals. They possess advanced healthcare degrees and training and work closely with doctors. Physician assistants are involved in diagnosing and treating various illnesses.

The median salary for a physician assistant is over $108,000. It is an immensely challenging career, but also highly lucrative with flexible work schedules.

Occupational Therapist

The demand for occupational therapists is rapidly increasing, making it one of the fastest-growing healthcare careers. Statistics reveal that the need for occupational therapists is likely to rise by 18% by 2028.

It is considered a highly desirable career path as these professionals bank a median yearly salary of over $84,000. However, the time, effort, and financial investment to become an OT are also quite significant. OTs require at least a master’s degree, while many professionals pursue advanced degrees and specializations.

Home Health Professionals

Professionals who provide home healthcare services enjoy greater flexibility and high-paying salaries. Not all healthcare professionals choose to work in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. Many professionals decide to assist patients in the comfort of their homes. The home health aides market is highly lucrative, with a projected growth rate of over 40%.

They typically earn $11.57 on an hourly basis across the US, while they have the independence to set their rates. Home health aides enjoy far more flexibility in choosing their hours and clients. This career path is highly accessible, and professionals require a high school diploma or other equivalent examinations.

Wrapping Up

Numerous other healthcare fields enjoy significant growth and demand. For instance, a diagnostic medical sonographer is a career pursuit that offers a faster track to high-paying employment. Licensed vocational nurses also enjoy immense career growth and lucrative salaries.

Similarly, dental assistants and medical assistants are also witnessing rapid growth with lucrative opportunities for financial stability. Ultimately, the career you wish to carve out depends on your financial investment, effort, and inclination. You can also explore career paths in the administration, technology departments, and others.