What is Gender Fluidity? Understanding the Gender Spectrum

Years ago, if you were asked to identify your gender, on a form or during an interview process, the answer would be an easy one but today, both the question and the answer are underlined with a host of complexities.

In recent years, the definition of gender has become a wildly talked-about issue, resulting in many people redefining the way they see themselves and the way they want to exist within the world. If you have heard the term gender fluidity but are still wondering what is gender fluidity, this short and simple guide is for you.

What Is the Gender Spectrum?

The spectrum of gender represents the dimension of gender, which include:

Gender Identity: a person’s sense or idea of their gender. How they feel, regardless of what their assigned sex was at birth. Your gender identity could be transgender, queer, agender, or you could be non-binary.

Gender Expression: how you express what you feel to be your gender. Your gender expression could be androgynous, butch, femme, or more.

In the past, people generally thought your sex (male or female) determined your gender, but today, your gender identity and expression can fall anywhere on the spectrum of masculine and feminine.

What Is Gender Fluidity?

If you look at gender as a spectrum, you can see that your gender can fall anywhere on that spectrum. While some identity as male or female, others identify as fluid, choosing to combine the masculine and feminine into a single identity and expression, instead of adhering to one or the other.

At its core, gender fluidity is the breaking down of archaic societal norms that rigidly define gender and place unrealistic expectations on people to live their life in a way that may not feel true to who they are.

What Does It Mean to Be Gender Fluid?

Being gender fluid means living your life in a way that can fall into any area on the gender spectrum.

A person who is gender fluid will typically request to be referred to by their preferred pronouns, such as she/her, he/him, they/them or zie or Mx. Generally, someone who is gender fluid will live their lives without any regard for gender norms. It’s not as simple as wearing traditional women’s apparel one day and traditional men’s apparel the next. Being gender fluid is about making your own rules and deciding what gender looks like to you.

How Will I Know If I Am Gender Fluid?

The way you experience the world and relate to gender norms will tell you where you fall on the gender identity and expression spectrum. How connected you feel to the perceived “traits” of your assigned sex will also let you know. If you feel like you are male and female or don’t feel like you connect with either, you may be gender fluid.

Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide where you fall on the gender spectrum.

What Is Gender Fluidity: The Bottom Line

By reading this guide, you should be able to answer the question “what is gender fluidity?” and have a better understanding of the gender spectrum.

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