Benefits Of Indoor Water Tech in the Home

According to research findings, the popularity and appeal of indoor water features extends far beyond their aesthetic appeal as defined by their beautiful and elaborate appearance. The associated health benefits of indoor water features go far beyond what you might actually think. The main benefits of water features are as a result of their appearance, impact on air quality and acoustics.

Traditionally, water is considered to have powerful natural stress relief capabilities. For most people, sitting on a beach, gazing at ocean waves with the distinct sound in their ears or following up a long day with a long hot bath, represents their most relaxed state. Owning your very own indoor water feature comes with the benefit of bringing the positive health benefits of being in a relaxed state, such as lower heart rate and clarity of mind, to your home without the need to take a trip overseas or break the bank. An Indoor water feature can also help you reach a clear and calm state of mind when included in your meditation sessions.

The soothing effect of the sight and sound of falling water also makes a water feature a great addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces. The wide selection of designs on offer ensures that you can find a style that suits the existing décor or layout of the outdoor space. You can even enjoy the added appeal created by light falling onto the water in the dark by choosing a feature that includes light fixtures in its design.

Water features that are installed indoors come with the added advantage of increasing the quantity of negatively charged ions in the air. These negative ions are known to improve the flow of oxygen to the brain, boost awareness levels and improve mood; as opposed to positive ions from AC units, TVs and computers, which are known to leave people feeling depressed, irritable and exhausted.

According to science, the quantity of negative ions per square centimeter ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 in rural areas; this number falls to 100 in urban environments, and almost zero in air conditioned indoor spaces. These ions are essential in improving air quality as they eliminate about ninety five percent of allergens and bacteria; resulting in healthier, breathable air, for those who suffer from recurrent allergies and asthma. In addition to this effect, water features also help improve air quality for people pets and even plants by increasing humidity levels.

Installing a water feature in your home is a worthwhile investment given their associated advantages, as listed above. Finding affordable and low maintenance water features is much easier given today’s varied selection.