What is a Retirement Village?

There is a lot of miscommunication out there when it comes to aged care, and those who do not have a loved one who is engaging aged care services might not be able to discern the differences between each offering. Retirement villages offer a unique and supportive service for your aging family members, and they can be found in most cities appealing to all destination desires. If you are unsure about what is a retirement village and whether it is going to be the right choice, let’s look deeper at what these retirement villages are like and how they may appeal to you or a loved one.

A close and caring community

Retirement villages are for retirees who move to a closed community within a suburb of their choosing that is also inhabited by other elderly residents. When you are moving into a one, two or three-bedroom home, your neighbours and carers are never far away if you need assistance with any household duties no matter how big or small. If you were previously living alone in a standard suburb, a retirement village will be a more social environment with others in the same stage of life and looking for the same relaxation and vibrant community. This is where great friendships are forged.

Private and safe

Despite the many interesting and social activities that take place in a retirement village, your residence is still completely yours if you need to get some quiet time, enjoy some privacy or even just watch the news on television. This also makes visits from family and friends all the more special, as you can catch up together inside your residence and even host them for a night or weekend. Within a retirement village, these communities are patrolled by security teams to ensure your safety, so you will not have to fear unwelcome guests in your community.

Choice of lodging

All of us are different and seeking unique experiences from our retirement. As such, you will find great variability in the choice of retirement village lodging, which means that many budgets are catered for. You might like staying connected and being close to family and so an inner-city retirement village may be the right fit. Alternatively, you might picture your retirement in the hinterland or by the water, which can also be arranged. It is recommended that you visit a number of retirement villages before you settle on the right choice so you know exactly what you are getting and can work out if that location is best for you. You can even make this a group visit so that you have more opinions and points of view to work with.

Support from carers

If this is just sounding like a great retirement property and not aged care, there are also a number of carers that work and live onsite so that they can be there for you in whatever capacity you need. Transport to the doctor or housecalls from specialists is a great benefit to living in a retirement village. Outside of your health needs, your other priorities are catered to with cleaners, landscapers and beauty therapists ready to make you and your home feel fresh and supported. You’ll never need to travel far to find a set of helping hands. As a resident of a retirement village, there is time to really get to know the carers who work with you, making for a more intimate connection.


Retirement villages are a fantastic option for anyone who wants the best for themselves and their loved ones. By immersing in a supportive community with neighbours at the same stage of life, there is no better way to make this life transition and slow down in beautiful surrounds.