Why Love Is the Most Important Feeling

Most people believe that love is the most important feeling in the life of every person. However, it is also the strongest. That is why you want to be with your loved one, build relationships, live together, and be happy. What does love mean? Why is it so important? What do we need it for? These eternal questions have tormented people for many years. Therefore, today we are going to discuss why love is the most important feeling.

Gives joy

Love brings a person into a state of euphoria. The hormones of joy produced during the period of acute love make us feel happy and special. Love for someone becomes the very impulse that makes us feel love for the whole world. The feeling of abundance and harmony of life overwhelms us so much that we want to share this joy with others. When you are in love, you begin to notice the beauty of sunset and dawn, hear the birdsong in the park, and see everything in a new, completely different perspective, unusual for you. In the state of love, even the most minor detail of the surrounding world begins to seem interesting and worthy of attention.

Love changes us beyond recognition. Thanks to it, you can experience that unique state of mind when you feel real harmony with the universe. The feeling of love provokes the release of pleasure hormone (dopamine), which finds expression in a state of persistent emotional excitement.

Makes us beautiful

When you are in love, your body actively produces the hormone adrenaline, which causes increased blood flow to the skin. Because of this, you look fresh, ruddy, and healthy. Love smoothes wrinkles and restores skin to a normal state better than the most expensive cream. In addition, love makes us smile more often, and a person who smiles a lot simply cannot be charmless. Even watching movies about relationships together with a loved one can make us smile and look more attractive for each other.

Makes a positive impact on the brain

It is believed that a man in love is a stupid man. In fact, it is not the case. The so-called “stupidity of lovers” is actually their supreme intelligence. Thanks to numerous observations, scientists have found that the feeling of love activates the creative abilities of a person. That is why you want to sing songs and write poetry when you are in love. Love stimulates those areas of the human brain that are responsible for memory and attention, so we always remember the best years of our life in such minute details.

Improves health

Love often urges people to quit their bad habits. For the sake of a loved one, they often quit smoking, start playing sports, and eat a healthy diet. In addition, it is scientifically established that married people are prone to cardiovascular diseases less than single ones. Not to mention the fact that regular lovemaking helps to get rid of the accumulated energy in time, so the body suffers neither from its excess nor lack.

Prolongs life

Experts say that feeling of love prolongs the life of a person. However, scientists have not yet established the reasons. Loving people care about each other, monitor the health and safety of the partner. Thus, they live longer. Moreover, love makes a person look young. The reason for this is the production of large amounts of endorphin in the human body. This hormone has a beneficial effect on the skin and the body as a whole. The skin becomes smooth, soft, and elastic.

Makes you less stressed

The human brain does not forget the sensations from the first touches of a loved one. An amazing fact: when you just hold your partner’s hand, it protects him from stress, lowers blood pressure, and reduces pain.

Makes you perceive you and your loved one as a united body

Instead of saying and thinking “I,” you start saying “we.” What is the difference? A recent study has found that those people who often use the pronouns “I,” “my,” “me,” are more prone to depression than those who are used to say “we” and “our.” This fact once again proves that romantic relationships strengthen health.