Where Is God When We Are Struggling??

It’s a question that we all ask when we are hurting, when we are struggling, when we are frustrated by life’s challenges. Where is God when we are going through our trials that never seem to end? Where is God when we confront our heartaches? Where is God when all we know is defeat and … Continue reading “Where Is God When We Are Struggling??”

It’s the Little Things that Matter

It’s a hunger that needs to be satisfied. It’s in all of us. We have a need to make something out of our lives. To be recognized for something positive. And when we don’t reach our desired goals, we feel like a failure, cheated, unworthy. We question our own self-worth. It can leave us despondent. … Continue reading “It’s the Little Things that Matter”

What Do You Mean I’m Prejudiced?

We are all guilty of it. We all practice a form of bigotry and prejudice on a regular basis and we are not aware of it. For example, we would never think that we were practicing racism – thinking that one race is more important than the other. Or that we were practicing sexism – … Continue reading “What Do You Mean I’m Prejudiced?”

What Do I Do with My Life Now?

It’s a question that plagues many who have been working for years at the same job, doing the same routine at one time or another. They have been working with very little satisfaction and start thinking about a change. Do they stay with what they have or risk by making changes? And what changes? So, … Continue reading “What Do I Do with My Life Now?”

Love, Forgive, Be Kind……….Anyway

        In our journey through life, we try to be the best person we can be. We try to be kind, helpful and generous. Only to have people walk all over us.  Rabbi Harold Kushner is fond of saying “just because you are a vegetarian, doesn’t mean the bull won`t attack.” The … Continue reading “Love, Forgive, Be Kind……….Anyway”

I believe….

I BELIEVE…… (Material for this essay comes from the following books: “The Gift of Giving” by Michael Lynberg and “Love” and “Personhood” by Dr. Leo F. Buscaglia) ******************** In our journey through life, there will be struggles and heartaches. But to help us ease these pains, there are beliefs and values that make life more … Continue reading “I believe….”