Suffering and self-actualization

Do we suffer?

We do suffer; most of us and most of the time. And most of our suffering is unwarranted.

Living is all about processing life events. Life events could be either ‘external’ life events or ‘internal’ life events. External events occur while internal events are generated. External events are real while internal events are imaginary.

Do we see external events as they are?  Do we see external events clearly as and when they occur? W e look at the external events through the veil of predominant mental attitude. Thus when our IDENTITY is with mind, we bring in subjectivity even while receiving external events. Upon the receipt, we process external events using the mind contents and REACT to the event, typically in an emotional way.

Thus instead of RESPONDING to external events in an appropriate way, we react in an emotional way. Reaction consumes life energy, sucks life energy account. And that is suffering. Thus, though we need to process external events, we suffer because of the inappropriateness in our receiving and processing.

When do we generate internal events? And why do we generate internal events?

When our identity is with mind, mind cannot be idle even for a moment. Thus in the absence of external events, it generates internal events based upon the predominant mental attitude and mind contents. Mind then goes about processing these internal events the same way it processed external events.

Thus life energy is consumed in processing what is not real, what is not there. And that is suffering.

Can we criminalize mind, then, for our suffering? No, mind is a powerful resource at our disposal. Suffering arises when we have developed and established in ‘identity’ relationship with mind instead of ‘resource’ relationship. Suffering arises when we are mind. This suffering is unwarranted.

How do we remove this suffering? How do we end this suffering?

Do we realize that we are suffering? As long as our identity is with mind, we do not realize that we are suffering even when we are suffering.

Therefore, the first important stage in ending the suffering is to break the identity with mind. But then can we do this, consciously?

If we do not realize that we are suffering, can we consciously break our identity with mind? No. And this is where suffering ‘threshold’ comes into picture. When the suffering reaches the threshold limit, when we are completely disgusted, we explode saying ‘enough is enough’. We say ‘we have had enough of this’.

And in that utterance, in that explosion, we have DECLARED that ‘we are not mind’.

Thus ‘suffering threshold reached’ is the event that triggers the self-actualization  process and the declaration that ‘we are not mind’ is the first stage or activity in the  process.

When we understand the LIFE PROCESS, we realize that development of mind and identity with mind is a stage that we HAVE to reach and it is by DIVINE DESIGN. Therefore, mind, identity with mind, and suffering play a very important role in the self- actualization process.

Once we realize that ‘we are not mind’, our next logical question would be ‘who are we, then?’. Thus ‘we have realized that we are NOT mind’ acts as a trigger for the next stage in the self- actualization process, which is the search for our true identity.

Contemplate and see if only suffering can act as a trigger for self-actualization process. And once we declare that we are not mind, does mind stop working? Have we completely, and once-for- all, terminated the ‘identity’ relationship with mind? See it for yourself.