How does one live life without the fear of death or injury?

Chuck Gallozzi

Chuck Gallozzi lived, studied, and worked in Japan for 15 years, immersing himself in the wisdom of the Far East and graduating with B.A. and M.A. degrees in Asian Studies. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner, speaker, seminar leader, and coach. Corporations, church groups, teachers, counsellors, and caregivers use his more than 400 articles as a resource to help others. Among his diverse accomplishments, he is also the Grand Prix Winner of a Ricoh International Photo Competition, the Canadian National Champion of a Toastmasters International Humorous Speech Contest, and the Founder and Head of the Positive Thinkers Group that has been meeting at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto since 1999. His articles are published in books, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers. He was interviewed on CBC’s “Steven and Chris Show,” appearing nationally on Canadian TV. Chuck can be contacted at View his photography at

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4 Responses

  1. Zeph says:

    The truth is we all die. To be afraid of the truth is to believe in a lie.

  2. Destinie says:

    Im a 12 year old girl , randomly during night time i always have thought’s of death on when we die were just gone for ever i wouldnt be able to go to bed i’d be crying terefly scared now ? it’s gotten worse it’s an everyday thing , not being able to go to bed always have this on my mind.

  3. Steve M says:

    Destinie, it’s only your physical body that returns to the earth. Who you really are lives on forever on spirit form. There is so much evidence of this out there for you to discover in your life ahead. Let this be a wake-up call to devote part of your life in discovery of the spiritual side of life through books, meditation, and what is available on the Internet. Pray and ask that you be guided to the knowledge and reassurance that you seek, and then trust that what comes is what you need at that moment. Also, this is natural. Everyone has these thoughts at times and you will get past it in time and learn that all we can do is focus on enjoying the life experience we have now.

  4. technetium siamendes says:

    Destinie, check out the research being done on life extension technology, which should give you hope. Try and live as healthy and fit a life as possible and hope we develop scientific ways of postponing death long enough for more solid solutions to come about. Check out the wikipedia entry on transhumanism and expand out from there.

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