Four Fallacies or Biases to Beware of

NOTE: Because of the length of this article, you may want to read and think about just one fallacy (bias) per day for the next four days. 1. The Clustering Illusion How much of what is going on around us do we understand? Surprisingly little. If not completely blind, our vision is obscured by the … Continue reading “Four Fallacies or Biases to Beware of”

Facing fear of cancer

“Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter,  mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient.” –Jennifer Aniston “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” (–Franklin D. Roosevelt) Cancer runs in Linda’s family (not her real name) and she tested positive for the BRCA (BReast CAncer) 2 gene, indicating that … Continue reading “Facing fear of cancer”

Miscommunicating and Making Assumptions

  Isn’t life a series of interactions with others? That being so, it makes getting along with people of primary importance. After all, if our interactions are pleasant, we’ll have a happy life, but if they are filled with conflict, rancor, and resentment we’ll be unhappy. Why do so many people struggle with getting along … Continue reading “Miscommunicating and Making Assumptions”

Thoughts about Our Thoughts and Our Subconscious

  Imagine rummaging through the attic and coming across an old, wooden chest. Not recognizing it, you pry open the heavy lid. After clouds of dust scatter, you peer into the chest. You’re puzzled by what you see: seeds. Thousands and thousands of seeds of every imaginable type. Some smaller than a grain of sand, … Continue reading “Thoughts about Our Thoughts and Our Subconscious”

The Success Toolbox – The first step is to understand what is required for success

… it’s what you do with what you’ve got. – (Leroy Van Dyke) What is it that we all want? Isn’t it success and happiness? So, it’s no surprise that a reader in Iran is interested in success. Arash (not his real name) is a 35-year-old married carpenter who wants to become extremely successful. That is, … Continue reading “The Success Toolbox – The first step is to understand what is required for success”

Live by Intuition and Inspiration

“Live by Intuition and Inspiration And Let Your Whole Life Be Revelation.” (Eileen Caddy)” Today’s article is prompted by a 44-year-old Egyptian computer professional (Lead Technical Applications Engineer), working in Qatar, where he is joined by his wife and three children. Our reader asked me to write about intuition. As I haven’t written about this important subject … Continue reading “Live by Intuition and Inspiration”

Don’t put off Until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday

I don’t mean to be grim or morbid, but today’s subject is deadly serious. Imagine being in a graveyard, examining a gravestone. Despite being covered with moss, you can read the inscription. It says, “Procrastination is the grave where your dreams, aspirations, and hopes lie.” Is that where you want you dreams to end up? … Continue reading “Don’t put off Until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday”

Amazing Power Resides within Us

What is it that lies at the core of our being? A great power. The power of creation and transformation. Ralph Waldo Emerson pleaded with us not to forget this fact when he wrote, “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” Regrettably, … Continue reading “Amazing Power Resides within Us”