The Nature and Importance of Love

I was asked by a reader, “What is the most important thing in life to you?” Since many of us may occasionally ask ourselves the same question, I thought it would be a good idea to share my answer with all our readers. By the way, you are also invited to ask me a question … Continue reading “The Nature and Importance of Love”

The Path to Happiness Is Straightforward

Happiness is not a happenstance, not a coincidence. It is a state of being, our natural state, which is released when we shed our negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavior. But how do we shed these impediments? The answer is by becoming the person we want to be. We can guide ourselves to becoming that … Continue reading “The Path to Happiness Is Straightforward”

The Power of Forgiveness

In the previous issue I wrote about apologizing to others. But what should we do if someone apologizes to us? Forgive them, of course! This issue deals with the power of forgiveness. Children’s eyes may light up when given a new toy, but the excitement quickly fades. Yet, one kind word may impact an entire … Continue reading “The Power of Forgiveness”

Apology begins the process of reconciliation

Why is it that U.S. prisons are full, countries and groups are forever waging war, and wherever we go, we are exposed to mistreatment? Is it because we were made from clay, and like pottery, we are fragile and imperfect? No matter how magnificent a ceramic work of art is, it remains delicate and must … Continue reading “Apology begins the process of reconciliation”

Questioning My Feelings

A 21-year-old student is confused about his feelings. For the sake of clarity, I will comment on his email line by line, followed by general comments and suggestions. “I used to be a really mean person, but as I’ve progressed through college, I’ve changed my view of the world dramatically.” The way we treat others … Continue reading “Questioning My Feelings”

Don’t Let Others Intimidate You

Were you ever bullied, humiliated, harassed, or treated with contempt? Were you ever called names, such as fatso, baldy, geek, retard, or ugly? When you tried to fit in at a new school, job, or neighborhood, did someone or some group make racial slurs, belittle your religion, make fun of your appearance, ridicule your opinions, … Continue reading “Don’t Let Others Intimidate You”

Gaining Control over Your Life

I’m all in favor of kindness and service to others, but not when it means allowing others to manipulate us. Refusing to allow others to walk all over us is not about being selfish or self-centered, but of being self-aware. It’s about understanding that we are responsible for our own lives. If we GIVE IN … Continue reading “Gaining Control over Your Life”