When Life Doesn’t Go the Way You Want

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi is a motivational and popular science freelance writer holding a degree, specialist in medical biochemistry, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He is passionate about writing articles that helping people live more empowered life, with knowledge, passion and purpose. Jahiel is contributing writer to many magazines. He also delivers presentations that inspire others to find more meaning and balance in their lives. He can be contacted at jasakamhi@hotmail.com. These articles cannot be re-published without permission.

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  1. Kerem TURHAN says:

    1. Real wisdom is knowing when to fight…and when to let go.
    2. True love is a healing energy and a source of power.
    3. The present time is the only time when you can do something about your life and your circumstances.

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