5 Sources of Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

If you are a beginner in photography, then you would be looking for good useful tips to improve your photography skills.  Having an endzone camera system is good, but not enough to be a good sports photographer, you need to learn the tips and tricks of photography.

Initially, you won’t know where to look to get these tips. So, I would share five things which you can use to get the best possible photography tips and tutorials.

1.Photography Magazines

Photography magazines are a good source of photography tips and tutorials. But, the problem is, there are many magazines out there. So, it is tough to choose the best photography magazines.

I recommend reading more than one magazine. Don’t go for all the photography magazines. You should list out specific magazines and follow them only. Most of the photography magazines also have a good camera gear review section, which will help to know the performance of the latest camera equipment.

2.Photography Forum

Photography forum is the best place to clear all your photography and camera-related doubts. Thus, you can get an opinion from professionals in the field. You can join three or four good photography forums.

You may be following a particular type of photography like wedding or portrait or any other. So, you can find good photography forums which discuss more about your kind of photography. As a photographer, it is essential to know the latest happenings in the photography field. Forums are the best source of information for such news.

3.Good Photography Blogs

Many photographers share their photography experiences, tips, and tutorials on their photography blogs. So, it is a good idea to subscribe to such photography blogs which you find useful.

If your interest is in landscape photography, then follow popular blogs from Landscape photography. Before subscribing to a photography blog, ensure that they post useful content regularly. There is no point in following a blog which posts a couple of posts in a year. So, choose wisely.

4.Attend Basic Photography Workshops

You must attend basic photography classes or workshops conducted by professional photographers to learn the basics. Only if you understand the photography basics correctly, you can apply them on to your photos.

Most of the photography workshops will have a practical class after the theory session. Here, you can apply your learnings to capture the image and get the picture reviewed by the photo tutor for mistakes and improvement. You should always get feedback for your photographs. It can help a lot to improve your images.

5. Attend Photo Editing Workshops

You must learn the photo-editing basics. Nowadays, most people use a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera for photography. Such cameras are capable of capturing more details in the image in RAW format.

The RAW image allows you to edit the image without losing any details. So, you can do the necessary photo edits like colour temperature correction, exposure correction, recovering burnt highlights and shadow in RAW images.

If you are planning to enter the business side of photography, then you must know all these things. So, attend a photo editing workshop will give you a good knowledge of what to edit, how to edit, and which photo editing software to use.