5 step plan for dealing with Instagram comments and how to effectively communicate with your audience

Comments on Instagram posts and images have become a valid means of communication for millions of people around the world. If you like something, you naturally want to talk about it and tag your friends too. That is how social media works and enables viral content to rise up and be noticed.

From time to time, superstars will respond, sometimes they do listen to your music. People are discovered via their social media links all the time, and so it has become a valid means of self-promotion too.

To get comments on Instagram, you should take the following five steps. Additionally, you should use these steps to keep hold of the people who interact with you.

Step 1 Your goal as an artist should be to create music that people care about and therefore talk about.

Step 2 Invite people to comment on your Instagram posts. Not directly, but ask your audience a question, so they feel inclined to answer. You should always be the first person to comment on your posts, and that comment should include as many hashtags that correctly identify you, your genre and the meaning of the content. Don’t mislead people with spammy messages.

Step 3  Be active. If you’re a friendly person anyway, then this part should be natural. Browse Instagram for your target demographic and reach out to people. Again, don’t spam them with your music but talk to them naturally. For example, How are you? What music do you like? Tell me about your best gig, etc. People love talking about themselves.

Step 4 Keep track of who you are talking to. Check-in on people and find out what’s new. Keep them involved, and you are much more likely to strike a lasting relationship with that person. Relationships are vitally important in the music biz.

Step 5 Network with your new friends and ask them if they know of anyone else who would be interested in your music. Music marketing is tricky to get right. It can be complicated. It involves psychology and understanding the dynamics of crowds and the like, but there are basics that if you can get right will propel you forward. Combine this strategy with a paid marketing technique. If you buy Instagram comments and introduce those people to your organic fans, the growth could increase further still as the new audience gets to know the old.

Finally, use Instagram like a social network and an online chat room. A community where like-minded people can talk together and enjoy common interests. Buy real Instagram comments, and the return on investment could be exponential.