See Clearly: 10 Essential Health Benefits of Wearing Glasses

After a visit with your eye doctor, you hear the surprising news: you need glasses. Of course, there’s really nothing surprising about it. Heads or tails, about half the population needs some type of vision correction.

The real question is whether you’ll start wearing glasses or contacts. But this decision isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Glasses are far and away superior to contacts for most individuals.

Why are glasses so much better? Well, I’m glad you asked. You should know the reality of corrective lenses before you purchase your first pair.

Read on and discover the ten health benefits of wearing glasses.

1. Enhanced Vision

Improved visual acuity is one of the main benefits glasses. Even half a diopter of refractive error is enough to warrant some type of vision correction. You might not know you need glasses until you’re having trouble reading large text.

Uncorrected vision comes with other side effects like night glare, which can make driving more difficult. In short, eyeglasses improve your vision and thus your quality of life.

2. Sun Shielding

UV rays can easily damage the corneas. This is why you’re not supposed to make direct eye contact with the sun. While sunglasses can help shield you from dangerous rays, few people bring them along.

That’s not something you need to worry about with eyeglasses. Transition lenses darken like shades when subjected to bright light. These allow fewer UV rays to penetrate the lens and enter your eyes.

3. Less Discomfort

It’s true: Sometimes eyeglass frames aren’t the most comfortable. The thing is, there are thousands of different styles to choose from. You probably didn’t buy the right frames if they’re causing any type of discomfort.

Do you struggle to buy the right pair? Then read this guide to buying glasses.

Any pain from eyeglasses could also be resolved by taking them to an eyeglass store. These workers will adjust your lenses for free.

None of these options are available if you choose contacts. Since contacts sit directly on the lens, you feel them all day long. This alone is far more uncomfortable than a pair of properly adjusted eyeglasses.

4. More Hygienic

Eyeglasses rest on your ears and the bridge of your nose. From time to time, you’ll want to clean the frames of any residue. But there’s no serious health crisis if you neglect this.

But contacts require impeccable hygiene. You’ll have to worry about using a cleaning solution with your contacts every day. Even then, you still introduce the possibility of serious infection by placing contacts on your eyes.

5. Improved Mental Performance

Have you ever heard the adage “dress for the job you want?” New research suggests this is better advice than first thought.

The clothes you wear have a direct impact on the way you feel and function. According to one study, students in professional attire performed better on tests and exhibited more abstract thinking. The leading theory is that you internalize the social associations of your current outfit.

Since glasses have always been a symbol of intelligence, it stands to reason that you’ll feel more intelligent by wearing them.

6. Eye Protection

Let it be said that eyeglasses are not professional eye protection. But throughout everyday life, they can shield us from the weather and potential trauma. For example, have you ever had the wind blow dirt or dust into your eyes?

It’s not a pleasant feeling. Some foreign objects can even tear the eye and lead to lasting damage. With lenses in place, most of the particles will crash against the glasses instead.

7. Reduced Eyestrain

Do you ever wonder why your eyes feel tired after a long session in front of your phone or computer? These devices all emit blue light. This type of light is unfocused and makes our eyes work overtime.

Thankfully, modern eyeglasses can come with blue light protection. Just like transition lenses, this finish can protect your eyes from harmful light without any input on your end. This means you can keep scrolling through your twitter feed to your heart’s content.

8. Better Sleep

Blue light causes another health issue, too. It’s called insomnia.

Have you ever heard of your circadian rhythm? It controls the release of chemicals that keep you alert or tired. However, the circadian rhythm is highly dependent on blue light.

If you sit in front of your computer all night, your body will think it’s daytime and struggle to wind-down. This worry is a thing of the past with protective eyeglasses.

9. More Self-Confidence

Eyeglasses have come a long way. With all the different shapes and styles, they’re the perfect fashion accessory to complement any look.

In fact, some people simply look better with glasses. They’re great for hiding sunken eyes or crow’s feet.

But what does fashion have to do with health? When you look good, you feel good, too. A stylish pair of frames can give you a huge confidence boost.

10. Avoid Dry Eyes

Contacts are notorious for causing dry eyes. That’s because of a lack of oxygen and increased irritation. And as wonderful as LASIK is, dry eyes are a common complication following the procedure.

Stick to glasses. They’re the only type of corrective option that won’t dry out your eyes. And dry eyes aren’t just uncomfortable; they can impact your visual acuity, too.

See the Truth About Wearing Glasses

Your choice of vision correction will have a massive impact on your quality of life. Many people choose contacts because they “don’t want to wear glasses.” But why not?

Wearing glasses provides more health benefits than contacts. Plus, they’re way less work overall. Have the confidence to choose the superior option.

You’ll rock the look.

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