5 Things You Need to Host Your Own Awards Ceremony

Are you looking to honor your team? Are your employees worthy of a 5-star event?

If you’re considering an awards ceremony to honor the people who get it all done, read on. We’re here to show you how to host a night they’ll never forget.

Creating Your Own Awards Ceremony

Sometimes, a simple thank you doesn’t cut it. Your team goes over and beyond to ensure that the job gets done. Don’t they deserve a special night honoring their contributions?

If you’re looking to surprise your team with a night of appreciation, you’re on the right track. Showing appreciation helps contribute to higher overall team morale.

So what do you need to do to get the ball rolling? Well, you’ll need to decide what kind of event makes the most sense for your group.

Are you looking to create an unforgettable black-tie affair or a fun lighthearted daytime ceremony? Once you decide on an event style, you’ll want to hone your theme.

Popular award ceremonies can offer a lot of inspiration. From the Oscars to the Kid’s Choice Awards, there are many events to draw inspiration from.

And the Nominees Are…

Once you decide on the style of the ceremony, it’s time to think about categories for your nominees. Will you want to include other employees in voting for a winner? Perhaps you’d rather skip the competition and award your stand out partners.

Once you decide who your potential recipient will be, it’s time to talk awards! Giving your recipients something tangible is essential to the award ceremony event. Their award will be a treasured reminder of their hard work and your appreciation!

Looking to hand out framed awards? Try using easy to create award certificate templates. Statuettes can be a great alternative to certificates if your budget allows for them.

These awards vary in style, ranging from trophy inspired styles to classy crystal pieces. Regardless of your budget, we guarantee that there is a great style perfect for your ceremony.

Extra Credit

Want to make sure everyone goes home feeling like a winner? Consider creating goody bags for your event.

Award ceremonies can leave some team members feeling left out, so be sure to emphasize the collective contributions made by your team. Another great way to make your event a memorable one for everyone? Consider including entertainment in your event.

Do your team members have hidden talents? Consider asking a musically inclined employee to perform a song.

Getting your team involved in the planning of your event helps to ensure its success. Be sure to get input from your team about decor, event spaces, and themes. Together you can create an awards ceremony that goes down in the record books!

Bringing Your Event to Life

Now that you’ve started planning your awards ceremony, it’s time to turn your plans into action! Still feeling stuck?

Visit our website to learn more. We’re here to help you create an amazing event that honors the best and brightest members on your team.