5 Biggest Changes You Need to Make to Keep Living Sober

Rehab facilities claim a success rate of anywhere from 30% to 100%. The problem with this is that each facility defines success differently. Some count it if you complete the rehab course of treatment.

Other facilities will follow up after a certain time someone leaves their facility. For you, success is easier to define. It’s living a clean and sober life.

Try using these five tips for living sober after your complete rehab.

1. Get Physically Active

There is a high probability that your health was compromised during your addiction. Exercise and physical activity can help you get back in shape and get your health back.

Regular exercise reduces stress. This will also reduce your chance of relapse by reducing the stress that causes you to turn to your addictive substance of choice.

Changing your diet and exercising will help you feel better overall. This can combat any residual withdrawal feelings you may have.

2. Get a Job

The length and severity of your addiction will influence the condition of your finances. Now that you’re post-rehab, you need to put the pieces of your financial life back together.

To avoid getting stressed, it helps to get a job and be proactive about paying off debts and saving. Returning to work can be stressful and relapse triggering in itself. It’s important to find a workplace that’s supportive and understands what you’re going through.

3. Seek out Support

Speaking of your support system, you need to own up to your mistakes and start making amends. This will help you form a solid support system of friends and family.

You’ve left a lot of suffering and pain in your wake of addiction. People are hesitant to support you because they carry their own pain.

Help yourself and them move forward by dealing with and putting the past away. Sit down with each person in a one-on-one situation and own up to your actions. Don’t make excuses; just apologize for your actions.

4. Cut the Toxic Ties

While there are some people that you should seek out relationships with. There are others that you could cut off communication with. With many addicts, the only “friends” they have left before rehab are fellow addicts.

If these people continue to use while you’re trying to get sober, they will be the temptation that causes you to relapse. The safest thing for you to do is to cut off communication with these addicts.

5. Identify and Handle Your Stress

While in rehab, you should have learned coping techniques to manage your stress or other triggers that cause you to want to use. Most addictive substances become that way because people depend on them as a coping mechanism.

We mentioned exercise as a stress reducer. But you could also try yoga, listening to relaxing music, getting more sleep, or avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.

Start Living Sober Today

By following these tips, you can focus on living a sober life after rehab. The key to a successful recovery is to change up your routine and habits. Don’t let moving out of rehab cause you to abandon your efforts.

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