Are You Seeing the Right Doctor

Having a good relationship with a doctor you trust is critical to overall mental and physical wellness. There are many ways to know if you’re seeing the right doctor that extend well beyond whether your doctor has expertise in the specialty area you need. For ways to find out if you’re seeing the right doctor, read on.

Is your doctor conveniently located and someone you trust?


A great way to know if you already have the right doctor is to ask yourself if you can talk to them and whether you trust them. If the answer is yes, and you’d take your doctor’s advice on anything from lung disease to sleep medicine, you can probably cross finding the right doctor off your checklist. Ask yourself, too, if your doctor’s office is easy to get to. Convenience matters.

If your answer is no, your healthcare isn’t a total loss. Maybe you have asthma and don’t trust your general practitioner with the overall health of your lungs. If this is the case, ask for a referral to a specialist like a pulmonologist. You can also consider a quick Google search like ‘pulmonologists near me‘ and give a pulmonary specialist a call directly. If you find a pulmonologist on your own, be sure to check with your health insurance company about coverage options. The last thing you want is to switch doctors and find out your new one isn’t covered, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead.

Does your insurance company cover your doctor’s private practice?


Patients worried about their coverage the same way doctors do about setting up a private healthcare practice for their practices. Whether your doctor owns their own practice or not, you’ll want to call your insurance company annually to be sure your healthcare provider will continue to be covered. Because the type of coverage you have can change during open enrollment periods in the United States, checking in on policies annually is a good idea. This is particularly true when it comes to chronic conditions like COPD, allergies, asthma, emphysema, and diabetes. While your doctor may seem perfect for you now, medical expenses will add up and make them unaffordable without the right full coverage insurance.

How easy is it to get an appointment?


Another way to know if your doctor’s right for you is by thinking about the overall office environment. Is the office manager friendly? Is it easy to refill a prescription? Do receptionists work with insurers to make sure bills are paid on time? Is it easy to get an appointment or copy of your treatment plan? If so, and you have a good relationship with your healthcare provider, you’re probably in a great place.

If your doctor’s office is hard to work with, and you have trouble getting your health plan to pay for appointments, it might be time to reconsider your medical professionals. However, the same way you’d do some research before dropping your comprehensive car insurance, you’ll want to look into options with other healthcare providers before making any big moves and switching doctors.

Are you interested in finding a new practice?


If your doctor is hard to talk to, far away, you want to see a specialist instead, or the office makes working with that practice challenging, it’s okay to switch medical providers at any time. Doctors realize that your comfort levels are an important factor in maintaining your overall health. In the long run, being able to communicate honestly and openly with your doctor will add up to better health and wellness. If you don’t feel you and your doctor are a good fit, it’s okay to shop around.


Remember, whether you find a new doctor online or ask for a referral, you deserve a quality health care team you feel comfortable with and trust.