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Ways to prevent Type-2 Diabetes

woman in black and white floral shirt holding white plastic hair clipType 2 diabetes is a form of diabetes in which a person’s body stops producing insulin as required. Type 2 diabetes keeps your body insulin resistant. People with an age range of 30-50 years are most likely to have this kind of diabetes. Earlier it was used to be called adult onset diabetes but increasing cases in kids and teenagers have negated this perception.

With junk food consumption on the rise, cases of type2 diabetes have increased as well. But you can prevent this by understanding the causes and making lifestyle changes accordingly. Common risk factors for type 2 diabetes include increased weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and increased blood fat level. Changing the habits for a lifetime is not easy but it’s all worth it in the end when you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Following are some suggestions how you can make lifestyle changes.

  • Manage your weight. Excess body weight, especially fat around the abdomen area contributes to the body’s resistance to produce insulin. This is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes.
  • Sleep peacefully. Sleep and diet play a huge role in your health journey. Wind down after dark and reduce screen time before bed. Turn off extra lights from your surroundings and try to sleep at least 6-8 hours daily.
  • Exercise regularly. Engage in physical activity 3-4 days of the week which will help burn off excess weight, reduce blood sugar level and also improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Medications. Diabetic medicines are also helpful in keeping insulin levels in check when only diet and exercise doesn’t help. There are many medicines that help prevent type 2 diabetes and they work in many ways. Medicines like Janumet, help regulate insulin levels. For more information tap https://www.90daymeds.com/product/janumet-xr/. Consult your doctor and discuss the best treatment plan for your health.
  • Stay Hydrated. Water is life. This phrase couldn’t have been truer. Avoiding carbonated drinks and sticking with normal water will help your body in a lot of ways. Try to drink at least 6-8 glasses per day. Keep a water bottle always by your side.
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Eat more fruit, vegetables and high-fibre foods. Try to cut back on salt and sugar.
  • Quit smoking. Smokers are more likely to develop diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. That’s reason enough to quit smoking.
  • Control your blood pressure. Try to stay calm and not get stressed which will only fluctuate your blood pressure. Plan your diet which includes all food groups which help in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Start training. Seek out a lifestyle coach who will help you achieve your health goals in a more organized way.
  • Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Diabetes and heart disease have many risk factors in common, including physical inactivity and obesity.
  • See your doctor for regular check-ups. As you get older, it’s a good idea to regularly check your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels.