How to Perfectly Compress an Image for Your Post

Whenever you are preparing a blog post, you tend to spend a lot of time on the content. You cross out every “T” and dot every ”I” to ensure that it’s a compelling blog post at the end. You also grammar check the article to ensure that it flows well and doesn’t read strange or funny. Then, you get to re-read the entire post and consider using a free online image resizer before posting.

However, something that often gets overlooked when posting blog posts is the images. They play a crucial role in defining the content’s balance, and the message passed to the reader. Obviously, you will feel tired after preparing the content. But putting in a little effort into the pictures can have a massive impact on the post’s success. Choosing the right image means that your entire post will impact your audience and find it pleasing. You will need a free online image resizer for those large images.

The Point of Compressing Images

Page load speeds affect your site’s performance and the amount of hosting fees you have to pay. Indeed, it affects the experience your readers get. Resized images occupy less space and are smaller in size. It makes them ideal for relevant blog posts that should load faster. Loading the post more quickly means resized images that take up less space. And it can be easily done by a free online image resizer. For instance, it also makes it possible to include large images in sections of the post. For example, even a break from the content can add to your post’s engagement performance.

Free Online Image Resizer Software

When preparing the images for your blog, you can use an image resizer to resize the pictures. It will also allow them to occupy less space. This benefits from reducing the amount of space your blog takes on the server. It will also reduce page load on data plans. The free online image resizer provides you with the options of the kind of images you would like to upload to the service.

As an online service, the image resizer accepts an image URL as the input and produces images to your specifications. This is useful when you are sourcing the images from online stock photography services and having an easier time preparing images. It is also easy to access over the internet, and you can do all the work of preparing your blog posts in addition to adding photos to them right from the comfort of your browser.

Specify your Image Dimensions

You can also upload the images you want to resize on the server and specify the resized images’ dimensions. The option for setting dimensions means that you can resize the images to suit the spaces you want in the pictures. While you are resizing, there is the compression option, which transforms the images to take up less space.

The online image resizer makes it possible to beat the deadlines when posting new posts on your blog. Moreover, it is easily accessible on the internet and cuts down the time you prepare blog posts. Undeniably, you get to compress the images to take up significantly less space, which benefits your audience.

An Alternative to Image Resizer

There are many ways to compress an image. However, depending on the software, the quality will be different. The way to go is to squeeze its file size; then, with a varying algorithm, the image will retain its quality, as do most online image resizer tools. Here are the steps to compress an image on Windows:

  1. Click on Microsoft Paint.
  2. Click on a specific image, use the resize button.
  3. Choose your preferred image measurements.
  4. Click on maintain aspect ratio box.
  5. Click OK, then save the image.

However, most people would want professional touched-up photos. Microsoft resizing does not offer this. However, online tools like the Promo free online image resizer is a lossless image compression tool. It does not alter image quality and can compress almost any file format. This tool has a simple interface to use simply by dragging and dropping.

Accessible and Multiple Device Friendly

Another advantage of a free online image resizer is its compatibility with other devices. Working with gadgets across different operating system software from Androids to Apple to Windows to Linux places it in a more reliable position. The fact is that the population today has unpredictability in its operating system. So, software preferences make this tool most recommended. For instance, it caters to all people everywhere. It is better placed for the future and is in the same sphere of ever-changing technological advances.

Variety of Reliable Tools

The free online image resizer has a wide array of templates. The supremacy of this tool is incomparable. For instance, having different dimensions for different Facebook profiles, Instagram, Twitter, and even aesthetically presentable on Pinterest is a bonus. Moreover, this software has specs that appeal to almost all age brackets, such as the young and bold generation on Instagram to the old and sophisticated Twitter persons.

Final Thoughts

In short, compressing images and resizing them for your blog posts is essential and beneficial for your audience. Your readers get to save on data costs, and they will be more likely to read more of your posts. Of course, people avoid heavy or data-intensive blog posts that have vast and heavy images. Online image resizer services are the best solution for your needs and will be perfect for your blog.