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Caffeine and Hair Loss: The Truth

Woman, Coffee, Cup, Morning, Hands, Beverage, Food

Intro: 2 Hairs and 1 Cup of Joe

If you are one of those lucky persons that have long, resilient hair which rarely falls off when you brush it, then this article is probably not for you! If you are in your prime years, don’t have any stress in your life except for maintaining a balance between studying and partying, then this article is probably not for you! If you have one of those dream jobs that don’t keep you up at night, don’t make you want to’ pull the hair out from your head, then this article might not be for you! And finally, if you don’t have an acquired taste for caffeine in general, and you’ve never made a habit out of starting each day with a “morning glory” cup of Joe, then this article is not for you!

Many of us work long hours each day, spend long nights thinking and planning tomorrow’s day of work, have almost no time to get back in shape at all. If you leave piles of hair behind each time you brush it and wondering if there are any effects of your daily cup of coffee on hair, then you’re in the right place!

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But regardless of the context in which you find yourself, we have gone through several studies conducted on the matter. We consulted more than one expert health platforms such as gym-expert.com, only to bring you the truth behind caffeine hair loss myths and the actual efficiency of coffee-based products!

Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

Not many people know this, particularly those who have no problem with hair loss at all, are perfectly healthy and fit, and rarely drink coffee, but caffeine (as in the actual substance) has more than one benefit for the health of your hair. From providing all essential vitamins and nutrients required for long, healthy, and strong tresses, to minimizing the damage to strands, the effects of coffee on hair are surprisingly positive and beneficial.

How Does Caffeine Help with Hair Growth?

Caffeine can stimulate your hair to grow straight, right from the root, in the initial stages of the growth process. It does this by attacking the “DHT” hormone, which is directly responsible for hair loss. DHT actively prevents proteins, vitamins, and minerals from nourishing your follicles and sustaining their growth. It is one of the essential effects of coffee on hair, making its cells produce more “ATP,” a hormone that actively supports growth and combats DHT.

But that’s not all! Further studies conducted by Dr. Tobias Fisher have shown how caffeine can speed up the growth cycle of your hair, and also increase its actual length by 33-40% on average. And now that we’ve established the truth behind the caffeine hair loss myth, a couple of pertinent questions arise.

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What’s Better: Drinking or Applying?

Here, we were actually hoping for an answer in favor of the first option. However, it appears that drinking caffeine is not the best means of consumption when it comes to hair growth benefits. On the contrary, if we drink too much of it, the actual effects of coffee on hair and health will be negative ones. Nevertheless, this will only be the case if we exceed the maximum recommended dosage of 400mg per day. At the opposite pole, it seems that caffeine hair products are the best option when it comes to hair care and growth.

Caffeine and Your Hair Care Routine

Much like we rely on a cup of Joe each morning to get us going, we could start doing the same with our hair care routine by adding caffeine hair products to our daily menu. Here are some of the best examples that could make for voluminous and bouncy curls in the long run:

  • Density Shampoo
  • Scalp Mask
  • Growth Serum
  • Coffee-Coco Crème
  • Coffee-based Conditioner

Make sure to include either one of these or all three of them in your daily routine, and palpable effects will follow in short!Coffee Cup, Coffee, Cup, Coffee Beans, Ecg, Coffee Foam


Even if you don’t find yourself in any of the contexts displayed in the beginning, we hope that the current article might bring some useful insight on all those myths about caffeine hair loss, which might come handy at one point in time! After all, one can never know where life might take him, and stuff like the actual effects of coffee on hair are always good to know about!


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