Choosing Sport Shoes for Volleyball

Volleyball is a very active sport with a high probability of getting very specific leg injuries from jumping. To reduce the risk factor, manufacturers equip shoes with excellent cushioning, ankle support, gum rubber sole with excellent traction, as well as make them lightweight and breathable. These characteristics are not only possessed by specialized volleyball shoes. In this article, we’ll look at whether you can use tennis, running, and basketball shoes for volleyball. After all, some trainers are interchangeable.

Volleyball Features

To choose the right footwear, you need to understand the specifics of a particular sport. Volleyball mostly consists of vertical jumps and lateral movements. Accordingly, quality shoes should absorb and mitigate the stress on joints from jumping and, at the same time, fix your foot reliably so that you do not twist it while moving sideways. And, of course, such shoes should not be heavy; otherwise, they will pull you down, and you will not be able to jump high.

Athletic Shoes for Volleyball

So, what kind of trainers, besides volleyball shoes, can be suitable for volleyball and why?

Tennis shoes

From a technical point of view, tennis is very different from volleyball, so tennis shoes will not work. In tennis, athletes are much less likely to jump vertically, which means they don’t need a high cushioning level. It is also worth noting that tennis players often make sharp movements in different directions. Their shoes should be stable and have multiple seals on almost all sides, making them quite heavy and therefore not suitable for volleyball.

Running shoes

Running trainers are designed to keep an athlete moving in a straight line without any sudden side or diagonal lunges. So while running shoes can have good cushioning and a comfortable midsole, they are not suitable for volleyball. These sneakers are most often equipped with versatile soles so that athletes can run on any surface. It is more durable, rougher, and heavier. This option is not suitable for volleyball players.

Basketball shoes

In terms of technique and movement, basketball is closer to volleyball than tennis or running. There are high jumps, sharp sideways movements, and turns. Basketball players need cushioning to absorb stress from jumping, ankle support, and good traction. That is why basketball shoes have a lot in common with volleyball trainers, which makes them interchangeable. They are also quite lightweight and made of breathable materials.

Which One to Pick

Lots of experts recommend choosing a separate pair of shoes for each sport you play. But many years of practice show that you can use basketball shoes for volleyball. They have largely similar technical characteristics, although, of course, they differ from each other a bit. You will feel comfortable running in them, and you will be reliably protected from injury. Also, basketball shoes, as a rule, have more interesting and varied designs since they are developed in collaboration with famous athletes, which makes them more attractive to amateur athletes. Other shoes, like tennis, running trainers, or regular sneakers, will not work for you.